Difference Between Progressive and Predictive Dialers

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An extensive range of features is offered by an intelligent call center software solution, including Progressive and Predictive Dialers. Some cases, a single feature has sub-features to offer. Today’s article, we are going to explore the sub-features of one of the popular features, called autodialer. An intelligent call center solution, you will have multiple automated dialing features at your disposal including the auto dialer itself. In this article, we will explore the two most popular auto-dialers:

  1. Predictive Dialer
  2. Progressive Dialer

Both of these dialers have their advantages and disadvantages to offer. Therefore, knowing the similarities and differences can help you select the right one for your next outbound calling campaign.

What is a Predictive Dialers?

This auto dialer of the intelligent call center software solution can predict how many numbers need to be dialed to connect with 5 customers if 5 agents will be available next moment. It also has a predictive capacity to predict when it is more likely for a customer to pick up the call and how long would it take for the customer to pick up the call.

What is a Progressive Dialers?

This auto dialer of the intelligent call center solution automatically dials the number when the agent shows readiness to take the next call.

Similarities Between the Predictive Dialers and Progressive Dialers:

  • Both are auto-dialers. It means both can fetch the number from the lead list stored or imported into the call center solution.
  • Predictive dialer and progressive dialers can bypass calls that reach IVR, answering machine, busy tone, unreachable numbers, etc. They only route calls that are connected to the humans to the agents.

Understanding Dialers and Their Importance

First things first, let’s get acquainted with dialers. In a nutshell, dialers are software applications that automate the process of dialing outbound calls for call centers. They save precious time by connecting agents to live callers, reducing idle time, and improving overall contact rates. Dialers are a crucial asset for businesses that rely on outbound calling to reach their customers.

Now, let’s explore the two main stars of our show: Progressive Dialers and Predictive Dialers.

Unveiling the Progressive Dialer

Think of Progressive Dialers as the “careful planners” of the dialer world. When using a Progressive Dialer, the system dials one number at a time for each available agent. The agent is then connected to the call when the system detects that the call has been answered. This approach ensures that agents are always available to handle the calls and minimizes the possibility of call abandonment.

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Advantages of the Progressive Dialer

  • Smooth Operator: Progressive Dialers maintain a steady and controlled pace, providing a seamless experience for both agents and customers.
  • No More Waiting: Customers don’t have to wait for a ringing tone, as they are immediately greeted by an agent, enhancing the customer experience.
  • Better Agent Utilization: Agents can dedicate their time to engaging with customers instead of manually dialing numbers, increasing their efficiency.

Decoding the Predictive Dialers

Now, let’s meet the “bold risk-taker” of the dialer duo – the Predictive Dialer. Unlike Progressive Dialers, Predictive Dialers use complex algorithms to predict agent availability and call connect times. The system dials multiple numbers simultaneously, anticipating that some of the calls will be answered, and then connects the available answered calls to the waiting agents.

Advantages of the Predictive Dialers

  • Supercharged Efficiency: Predictive Dialers can significantly increase the number of calls made by agents by minimizing idle time.
  • Optimized Agent Time: Agents spend more time talking to customers and less time waiting or dealing with unanswered calls.
  • Enhanced Contact Rates: With its smart dialing capabilities, the Predictive Dialer ensures that agents are almost always engaging with live customers.

The Big Difference: Call Timing

The primary distinction between Progressive and Predictive Dialers lies in how they handle the timing of outbound calls. Progressive Dialers play it safe and dial one number at a time for each agent, while Predictive Dialer Software takes a more aggressive approach and dial multiple numbers at once, anticipating agent availability.

Dialer Suitability: How to Choose the Right One?

Now that we know the fundamental differences between Progressive and Predictive Dialers, the million-dollar question is, which one should you choose for your call center? Let’s break it down.

Choose Progressive Dialers If…

  • Smooth Operator: If your business emphasizes providing a personalized and smooth customer experience, a Progressive Dialer is the way to go.
  • No Room for Errors: Progressive Dialers are ideal for campaigns where even a small number of abandoned calls can have serious consequences.
  • Steady Campaigns: If your calling campaigns have a predictable and stable call answer rate, a Progressive Dialer will serve you well.

Choose Predictive Dialers If…

  • High Volume Calling: If your call center handles a large volume of outbound calls, a Predictive Dialer can significantly boost your agent’s productivity.
  • Dynamic Campaigns: Predictive Dialers excel in campaigns where call answer rates can fluctuate, as the algorithm adapts to changing conditions.
  • Efficiency is Key: If your business prioritizes efficiency and aims to make the most out of agent talk time, a Predictive Dialer is the right choice.

Finding Middle Ground: Preview Dialers

Wait a moment, we haven’t finished yet! There’s another player in the dialer game worth mentioning – the Preview Dialer. This type of dialer is an intelligent call center software solution that enables agents to preview customer information before manually making a call. Agents have the option to skip calls or reschedule them based on the customer’s details, making it a fantastic tool for handling complex or high-priority calls.

Embrace the Dialer that Fits Your Needs

In conclusion, the choice between Progressive and Predictive Dialers ultimately depends on your business’s specific requirements and objectives. If you value caution, a Progressive Dialer will suit your needs, while the more adventurous might find the Predictive Dialer to be a game-changer. And if you’re somewhere in between, the Preview Dialer offers a balanced solution.

So, evaluate your call center’s unique demands, consider the scale of your campaigns, and make a choice that aligns with your goals. Embrace the power of dialers, and watch your call center’s efficiency soar to new heights! Happy dialing!

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