Businesses mainly compete on three variables: price, product (both quality and selection), and customer service. Of the three, customer service is the easiest to gain. But great customer service requires putting your customers at the center of your business and thinking about them before making decisions. Your success is not just about providing great service; but it depends on providing a great experience throughout the buying process, from discovering the required product to post-purchase.

In any business or call center, profitability is determined not only by the revenues that the call center generates for the organization, but also by the overall value, it provides to the organization and customers. So, at any time as a business owner, if you are developing a strategy to improve your call center ROI, here are some great ways that will help you increase profitability.

1. Be Present Across Multiple Channels:

Customers want to engage with brands on the channel that is best for them, whether it is phone, email, text, live chat, social media, or even an in-person store visit. Knowing the preferences of your customers and using those communication channels and features of the intelligent call center software assures you won half of the battle. The next move is to effectively monitor each channel in real-time and provide consistent responses among channels. Unified experience is the key to becoming a brand everyone loves to connect with.

2. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty to Maximize Returns over Investment:

The success of any organization, as well as its long-term growth certainly depends on customer satisfaction and their loyalty to the company. In this sense, the intelligent call center solution of a company has the greatest impact on the rate of retention, besides being the most determining factor of the level of customer satisfaction. It has multiple features that empower your agents to deliver excellent customer services, which help you satisfy customers.

3. Optimize your tools and processes:

The average call time in any call center is four to six minutes. During this time, the IVR system should be functioning properly and the call center representative should be able to meet the customers’ needs. If one part of the process fails, or if it is not appealing enough, then the possibility of a sale or customer satisfaction disappears. One important statistic for any business to put emphasis on is that at least 15% of customers who don’t get the resolution to their concerns will move on to another provider. Therefore, along with managing the quality of products, ensuring excellent customer service is important. To deliver excellent customer service, you need to define processes, tools to be used, and standards to use the tools. If you use an intelligent call center software solution and deliver exceptional customer services, then you can impress customers enough to stay with your brand. If customers stay with the brand, the businesses and call centers can leverage increasing revenues and ROI for the long term

4. Streamline Information between All Service Channels:

The most important thing all of your customer service agents need, no matter which communication channel they manage, is to have a complete view of the customer journey, including purchase history. This will allow your agents to quickly and efficiently provide the level of support they need without requiring customers to repeat information such as name, address, account number, and more as they move between support channels. The omnichannel intelligent call center software along with CRM integration into the call center solution is what you need here. This will not only reduce the average talk time as agents have all information available at their disposal, but it will also help in achieving increased first call resolution (FCR) and streamline operations.

5. Increased Revenue Generation Opportunities:

Intelligent call center software shows the complete history of customers, their interactions, their purchase habits, etc. If reviewed and analyzed correctly, it also shows details related to cross-selling and upselling opportunities. By using predictive dialing or any other auto-dialing feature of the intelligent call center software, agents can reach out to customers and grab revenue generation opportunities.

6. Grab Reference Business Opportunities:

One of the amazing revenue generation channels is reference business. Reference business is when your products are referred to someone else by your existing customers. As we all know, when a product is recommended by a known person, the chances of purchase are higher. By launching a referral bonus, you can generate more revenues. Do not leave everything on your customers. Run an outbound campaign to collect reference leads. Give some alluring referral offers or benefits to your customers to get more references. Once the leads referred by your existing customers are created, an outbound campaign can run using your intelligent call center software to increase sales and revenues.

7. Boost ROI:

The ultimate goal of establishing a contact center within a company or outsourcing customer care and sales services to a call center by a business is to boost the revenues of the organization. This can be done by effectively managing communications with customers while making optimal use of available resources. It saves resources and increases revenues, which results in increased ROI.


Making a sale is not a unique opportunity. It’s a process of nurturing a relationship over time and it becomes more fruitful as trust and respect are built with customers.

Call centers are the first line of contact for many businesses. It makes sense to consider your vast sales potential. By taking the time to truly create a customer-driven calling experience and service, you can find an incredibly effective and efficient way to generate more revenue. To ensure swift operations in a call center along with increased ROI and conversion of the other goals of the call center, using an intelligent call center software solution, having a team of skilled agents, and versatile supervisors are necessary.

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