Once upon a time, the call center solution was used by only BPOs and KPOs. However, the time is changed and so does the usage of the call center solution. The growing companies and serial entrepreneurs use the call center software to increase the revenues of their one or more business and you, too, can do the same. Wondering how? Let me explain.

Start your own call center / customer care center

Regardless of the type of the business, two operations are performed by all companies and organizations.

  1. Lead generation and
  2. Customer care

The traditional approach uses the conventional telecom system, chat solutions, email marketing, etc. to increase the leads and new business as well to retain the leads by giving good customer service. However, the modern way of empowering the sales and customer care departments is to get the best call center solution. The call center solution provides a wide array of features to increase lead generation and conversion ratio. At the same time, the customer care campaigns can be personalized and more effective with the use of call center software. Moreover, the call logs and reports help in devising a better strategy that can help in increasing sales and ROI.

If your business has a specific lead generation or sales department and / or a customer care or support department, you need a reliable call center solution.

Start a business as a call center service provider

If you are looking for an idea to start a new revenue generation channel, why not start a business as a call center service provider. No, you don’t need to hire the agents and run a full fledged call center on your premises. All you need to do is buy a multi tenant call center solution. You can set it up on your server or on cloud infrastructure. Once the setup is done, all you need to do is offer the call center services to the SMBs, startups, and other organizations that can’t invest in buying and setting up the call center infrastructure yet want to use the benefits of it. This way, you will get a steady and growing revenue stream. All you need to do is make an investment in buying and setting up the call center solution. You can also integrate the best billing solution within your call center software, which will make the whole process of automated invoicing and billing. You can use support services from your vendor to take care of upgrade and other maintenance related operations for your call center solution. This way, you don’t need to invest on any manpower or physical office and still you can run a successful business of a call center.

We, Inextrix, have been assisting our clients all across the globe with our powerful and feature rich call center software. We have both, single tenant and multi-tenant call center solutions in our kitty. We offer the white label solutions. Moreover, we thrive to benefit the businesses, BPOs, KPOs, etc. with our managed services for the call centers.

Our call center solution is flexible to use and provide remote access. Also, it is compatible with different third party applications and solutions so you can integrate other APIs to increase its functional capacity and ease of use.

Let’s connect to discuss more details how our call center solution can fit in your business.