The variety and options are available everywhere these days and not just in eCommerce stores. To your surprise, even in the telecom industry, you can find so many options for a single solution, whether you are thinking of buying a fax server solution or a SIP Softphone.  For a single Softphone, you have a variety of options from open source to the third party to custom development. Usually, the feature list appears identical in all available apps, whether it is a mobile SIP dialer or a PC dialer. This further confuses users and providers like you. But, nothing to worry about as we have this comparison blog post for you, which will share some of the top options available while you are making a choice for a VoIP Softphone for your phone and based on that we will also recommend the best Softphone that you can use for your VoIP business. 

Here are the top three VoIP Softphone apps for smartphone users that a VoIP service provider can use.

1. Inextrix mobile SIP Dialer

It is a custom SIP Softphone app that is used by several businesses in the VoIP industry worldwide. It supports a wide range of communication features from voice calls to call recording, call hold and retrieve, conference calling, call transfer, and more. One of the amazing features it has is syncing contact books and managing them. Moreover, it has added features like push notifications to give notifications to users. It also does not drain the battery of users, which makes it the favorite of many at times when batteries get drained too fast. It also supports WebRTC to let VoIP businesses take advantage of this powerful communication technology. This SIP dialer development company offers white label SIP Softphone with round the clock support, which is not available in any open source apps. 

The only limitation of this app is that it does not have a video call feature as of now, but it can be developed if required by Inextrix.

2. Zoiper

It is an open source Softphone app and is also available with the upgrade option. It is available for both popular smartphone operating systems, Android and Apple. It also has a PC dialer Softphone to offer. The latest version of this app is available as Zoiper5. It supports all major communication features. Furthermore, it supports SDK and API solutions, which gives access to the code of the app, so the SIP Softphone development company can make the required changes in the app to meet the needs of the VoIP business. 

The challenge is that if you put the phone on DND mode, then it will not ring the priority calls. You will be missing out on vital phone calls. One of the major cons of Zoiper is that it does not have any floating screen for an active call. The call hold and retrieve features are also difficult to use. Moreover, there are too many options available on the official website to download, which would leave users confused.

3. X-Lite -> Bria Solo Free

X-Lite is a premium VoIP dialer for smartphone users. Now, X-Lite is available as a free Softphone solution along with its premium version.  The excellent advantage of this dialer is that it can connect with a majority of SIP services, which makes it not robust and flexible Softphone app used by the top Softphone development company. For Windows users, it is one of the best solutions to use. 

The challenge with using this app is that it has some bugs in some of the features such as dialing numbers automatically if someone types the number. 

Concluding notes: Which is the best Softphone for your VoIP business? 

Whether you want to avoid hardware based setup for your IP PBX solution or a VoIP Softswitch solution to make infrastructure setup and maintenance straightforward; whether you want to provide the Softphone app to your customers to generate more revenue in 2023 and beyond; or you just want to impress your clients with your white label Softphone, you just need to choose the right option for your business. 

This Softphone enables cloning all major, and in many cases more, features of an IP phone and still let VoIP service providers enjoy features of mobility.  We have discussed the top 3 most talked about white label SIP Softphone apps in this blog post. As you must have witnessed with facts, out of all available options, Inextrix mobile SIP dialer is the best Softphone for any VoIP business. It has all the required features, plus, more can be added with customization. It is an ideal SIP Softphone to meet all sorts of business needs. To know more about this app, please contact us. 

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