The end of the year often causes spikes in eCommerce businesses in the USA, European countries, and other places due to the holiday season. The year 2020 is supposed to cause more traffic and volume in eCommerce and similar businesses as the COVID 19 has drastically changed the buying habits of the consumers. Many more people have started buying online. Therefore, staying equipped to handle the holiday rush is necessary.

To help you be prepared and equipped to handle the holiday rush, here are the top tips:

1. Be prepared to meet the common expectations

E-commerce businesses follow almost the same patterns and types of customers every year. Of course, the products, customers, and offers change every year, but usually, the complaints, questions, etc. stay the same. With transitions in customer behavior, buying patterns, and technological innovations, some things change. Identifying common patterns of customer expectations and making a full proof plan to cater to the customers is not a big deal for sure if you are using the right solution such as intelligent call center software.

For example, record IVR menus, which inform customers in the queue about the possible time, it would take to reach an agent. You can also use an IVR to collect information from the customer to give him or her a callback with the resolution.

2. Use multiple and popular communication channels

We all are aware of the increasing use of different modes of communication. If you support only phone calls, then during the holiday season, your customers might have to wait for too long or you need to add more agent seats and employ more agents to handle the rush. Even after this, you can not restrict negative reviews and comments on social media. That is why the integration of social media channels into your intelligent call center software is necessary. Similarly, adding live chat on the website, adding WhatsApp, etc. can help in reducing the call loads and help in increasing customer satisfaction.

Even if you do not get an omnichannel call center solution, you should invest in integrating multiple and popular communication channels into your call center solution.

3. Train agents to focus on average call duration

Different call centers focus on different KPIs. But, during the holiday season, eCommerce and similar businesses must focus on average call duration. It has to be possibly short to attend other customers quickly. Of course, the customers have to be attended, but too long calls for first call resolution should be avoided.

4. Use other platforms to reduce the workload

Along with using the features of intelligent call center software, you can also use your social media accounts and webpage to keep customers informed about common things such as:

  • Return policies
  • Refund policies
  • Shipment charges
  • And other common facts

Be prepared to handle customers as well as the coming flow of business and revenues intelligently with intelligent call center software. For more details and a free trial of the intelligent call center solution, contact us.