Average call handling time (AHT) is considered as one of the major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the call centers. Thus, it is worth giving emphasis and working on the improvement of this KPI.

A call handling time is a time taken by an agent to take, conclude, and wrap up the call. It means it involves taking the call, having a conversation with the caller, and putting disposition once the call is finished, and making oneself available to take the next call.

Average call handling time is the average call handling time of the whole call center.

There are multiple ways to reduce AHT. Let me share some of them:

1. Train your agents

Agents are usually experienced with the task of handling customer calls. However, if you desire to reduce AHT, you need to first make your agents aware of your target. You also need to give them the required training so they can focus on following the best practices to reduce average call handling time.

2. Use an effective call script

Each call center solution offers a call script feature. The call script makes sure the callers receive the same experience regardless of the fact who does he talk with. Thus, it is often very formal. The thing one needs to consider is, the call script has to be short and to the point. Do not write a vague script or too explanatory one. That kind of script will by default make calls longer than it should be.

3. Add automation

Automation is very much important in call centers to improve KPIs in the call center and this is the reason all call center solutions offer features to add automation in the call centers. The intelligent call center software is one of the best tools in offering automation. It offers multiple features to achieve this. For example, Disposition bucket is one of the unique features available in an intelligent call center software. This reduces overall call wrap up time as the agent does not need to write the disposition. All he needs to do is select the one. There are many more features available in the intelligent call center software, which automate operations and reduce the overall average call handling time.

4. Review and Repeat

The final step to improve this important call center KPI is the review. The call center solutions offer a wide array of reports. These reports can be used to identify the areas because of which overall call handling time is increased in all agents or a group of agents. Based on this collected information, a more specific plan can be created and executed by incorporating the above mentioned three steps. This will help in improving the Average Handling Time (AHT) of the call. Keep monitoring and enhancing the contributors to AHT to achieve the breakthrough point.

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