VoIP solutions have advanced to such an extent that it is impossible for a business to avoid nowadays. The features incorporated by the VoIP experts are just amazing. One such feature is a live call monitoring. Businesses get accustomed to this technology day by day and are hoping to master it in the next few months so they can use it at its best.

With this technology in use, one can listen to calls in real-time and gather valuable information about one’s clients, agents and their business as a whole.

It is seen that frequent call quality monitoring alone won’t manipulate the meter for one’s business or assist one’s agents to grow and prosper. In order to make the most of this potential tool, one needs a robust quality assurance program to back it up.

Here are a few tips on how to effectively use the live call monitoring tool:

Arrange the stage for constructive call quality monitoring

By this one can put themselves in their agent’s shoes and monitor effectively. One has to make sure that their agents must understand, that it (i.e. live call monitoring solution) is for the betterment of their own self. One can make a positive environment by incorporating agents into the methodology as early as possible.

Plant a firm quality assurance method

Most call center managers don’t have time to sit back and listen to every call. If one isn’t assuring their agents with proper feedback, they are less likely to grow into the potential agents. That’s why it is vital to possess a QA team or a QA specialist. The managers can also choose to listen to the selective calls using the live call monitoring system if they don’t want to put the QA team, but having quality check is vital.

One should create their business’s standards with their business’s KPIs in mind

Without a robust set of business-dedicated key functionality indicators, it is impossible for call quality monitoring to become an exercise in consent rather than quality. If one finds themselves as an inbound call center, their QA standards should concentrate specifically on customer service objective, such as average speed of answer, call wrap up time, call hold minutes, etc.

Schedule persistent, bite-sized training classes for old agents

Call center agent training doesn’t need to be a descriptive, 24 hour affair. In fact, many call center managers and QA teams find that it’s more functional to offer a bite-sized agent training sessions on a regular basis. It’s also easier for managers and agents similarly to suite these short and crisp training classes.

Give a bonus to those agents who abide by the best practices

Encouraging positive actions and growth is an essential part of getting agents in one’s pack with their call monitoring initiatives. A robust QA program involves rewards for top quality work, such as “performer of the month” etc. or even smaller to smaller awards.

Utilize quality live call monitoring system to enhance customer service

Each call in one’s business is varying. Some client may be interested in buying something, while others might have problems with an item or service. In either situation, one should be seeking for client service opportunities for their calls as they are reviewing them. For the time being if one sees that a customer is expressing their frustration about the service, they can assist them in their issues or gather valuable feedback. All the required policies can be put in place with the best live call monitoring system and its best usage.

Make a policy and follow the same to use the full potential of live call monitoring system in your business. Want to know more or have some questions? Get in touch!