Call center software is an amazing tool to delight customers and increase sales for the tourism industry. In this article, I will share how tourism companies are increasing their business with the call center solution.

The tourism business has the best market as the demand for domestic and international tours are increasing these days. However, demand has also increased competition in this industry. Thus, tourism companies try a lot of things to increase their sales and delight their customers. The call center software is one of the must-have tools in the tour company because it is one of the tools that majorly contribute to the growth of the tourism business. In this article, I will share how the call center solution helps tourism business to increase revenues.

1. Increase Repeat Business

The call center software can also be used to run customer care and lead nurturing campaigns. It is possible that the customer that bought a tour package from you is facing some issue. You can give support to resolve such issues which will increase customer satisfaction. Furthermore, this will help you increase repeat business chances.

2. Increase Sales

The call center software comes with amazing features that can be used to handle the incoming call inquiries. The features like advanced call routing can increase the chances of lead conversion because the executive/agent that is handling an incoming inquiry call knows how to close this deal.

You can also run outbound calling campaigns to sale your tour packages. You can create different campaigns for different tour packages. The call center solution comes with features like, predictive dialer and progressive dialer that can be used to increase productivity and calls. Moreover, there are some companies that integrate your travel business web form with the call center software and feed in all leads came via inquiry fall in the call center software to run outbound calling campaigns.

Some call center solutions also provide features like scheduled call, missed call and callback. These features can be used to increase interactions. Also, it helps with the follow-up process to close the deal.

3. Increase Referral Business

The post-sale support can help you to get more repeat business as well as some reference business. By using the full potential of the call center software, you can run some campaigns to delight existing customers. You can call them to give a reminder about the upcoming trip and the documents needed for the same. You can run a campaign to collect their feedback to understand and improve your tour package. You can run some surveys to know what kind of tour packages they are interested in, so on and so forth. When you will care for your customers, they will care for you. They will refer you to their friends and family members.

You can also run some referral programs and membership programs by using various features of the call center software. For example, giving some discounts to bring more tourists or members to the membership program. This way your tour agency can increase the business by 4x times.


From selling a tour package to delighting a customer to get repeat and referral business, everything can be done by using the call center software. The tourism industry can increase c business four times more by using this powerful solution strategically.

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