VICIDial is one of the most popular call center solutions. It has received global recognition. It is an open-source call center solution, which makes it a more affordable option for many businesses. It is a perfect platform to attend inbound and outbound calls in any contact center. What is missing in this software for contact centers is advanced features and a pleasant VICIDial theme.

There are multiple benefits of using a custom theme for this call center software.

1. Your logo and brand elements

By default, this contact center solution will have the logo of the VICIDial platform. With a custom theme, you can add your own logo to take advantage of using white label software for call centers. Moreover, the whole theme can be designed using your own business brand colors. This can help you position your business in a better way.

2. Attractive user interface

Being an open source VoIP calling software solution, VICIDial has not customized or refreshed the VICIDial theme for many years. Thus, it has been in the same monotonous look and feel. By using a custom VICIDial skin, which is designed by creative designers, UI/UX experts, or reliable VoIP solution providers, you can refresh the look and feel of the whole software.

3. Improve performance of software

A custom theme will not only help in enhancing the user interface, but it can also help in improving the overall performance of the software. The experts of this platform will make the required tweaks to make the theme lightweight. A lightweight layout does not take ages in loading elements and makes the performance of the entire platform way too slow. The rightly designed and developed VICIDial skin will actually improve the performance of the software.

4. Added security

Usually, call center software providers added security mechanisms at the time of VICIDial setup. But, by customizing the theme of this open source platform, you can further improve the security of the platform. In the user interface, it may have some security holes and backdoors, which can be cracked by hackers. It becomes easier when the whole source code of the call center solution is available publically. A custom theme can help in bridging these gaps and adding added security to the platform.

5. Motivate agents

A nice user interface will keep your team of agents revitalized. An easy to use and lightweight platform will make use of this platform fun instead of monotonous. Thus, a custom theme will also help in keeping agents motivated and productive.


To add the missing features and improve the performance of an open source platform, customization is necessary. A custom VICIDial theme can be a stepping stone of customizing this platform to work more efficiently and swimmingly.

By default, you will receive a basic design with the logo of this open source call center dialer software. You must invest in designing a custom theme for this platform even if you don’t want to invest in customizing features and VICIDial SVN or VICIDial WebRTC setup.

Are you looking for the best, user friendly, and custom branded theme for your VICIDial platform?

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