VICIDial is one of the most popular call center solutions. Being an open-source call center software solution, it has multiple benefits to offer such as source code access, completely free software, etc. On the other hand, it does not have all the capabilities that third-party cloud contact center solutions offer. Thus, many businesses invest in VICIDial customization after VICIDial setup.

Whether you invest in developing missing features in this call center dialer software or not, you must change VICIDial skin. There are multiple reasons to do so, let us share the major ones.

1. Attractive user interface

Being open source, it has an outdated theme, which is neither attractive nor user friendly. While your agents use this call center software, it is necessary to make the user interface appealing to them. It also creates a professional impression of your firm in front of your team. Thus, VICIDial theme customization is necessary.

2. User friendly navigation

The old VICIDial skin has some confusing elements. This may increase training time to use this pc dialer software efficiently or leave your agents juggling among different elements in the web interface of this inbound call center solution. Selecting a new theme can help you simplify the navigation and that also without hampering VICIDial SVN or any other settings.

3. Branding benefits

One of the major reasons behind investing in a new skin is branding. VICIDial has its own branding. The VICIDial setup experts will not only integrate a new theme, but they will also add your brand elements in the web UI of this VoIP calling software. Having your own logo and business colors in your software call center will let you leverage multiple branding benefits.

4. Security 

Another major reason to invest in a new theme and VICIDial customization is higher security. As everyone knows, it is an open source VoIP calling software solution for call centers and similar businesses. Its source code is publically available, which gives a common ground to hackers and attackers to find ways to inject viruses and malicious code to hack the system easily. Theme customization can secure the web UI code along with new theme integration.

5. Stability

Many users of this open source software complain about the instability of the platform. The VICIDial WebRTC experts also make the required changes in the theme and web interface to make this platform stable.

Concluding notes

VICIDial is one of the most used call center solutions in the world. Even if there are top cloud contact center solutions offered by the renowned call center software providers, still withheld the competition. To make it more powerful and competent, it is necessary to invest in getting a modern theme and secure VICIDial skin customization. Adding new features can be a choice, but integrating a new web UI for this software is a necessity. A new theme and some added steps can make this software secure, stable, and easy to use. This can help in leveraging other business benefits.

We offer theme integration, VICIDial WebRTC integration, VICIDial SVN update, and many other services for users of this software. Contact us to discuss your requirements.