Customer support centers have been increasing rapidly in the past decade because of the increasing importance of a positive customer experience. To make sure that your customers are happy and receiving a positive experience, you must focus on major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

If you are using an intelligent call center software solution, then measuring these KPIs will become easier. You can simply check the reports section of the software to monitor KPIs. Some of the KPIs will also be shown in real time to the users of the intelligent call center solution.

In this article, we will share 5 major KPIs, which indicate customer satisfaction. If the values of KPIs are positive, your customers are happy and if the value of these KPIs are poor, then you better redefine your strategy at the earliest possible.

So let’s explore the top 5 KPIs that define customer satisfaction:

1. First call resolution rate

Everybody wants a quick solution to their issues and concerns and if you succeed in providing the same, you will succeed in improving customer satisfaction, too. The first call resolution rate value indicates the percentage of people that got the resolution of their queries within one go. They do not need to wait or call again to get the resolution. This definitely increases customer satisfaction and you must work to improve its value.

2. Average time in the call queue

You must reduce the value of the average time customers wait in the call queue. Call queue is where the customer waits to get connected with the agent. The longer call queues result in higher frustration. To improve customer satisfaction, reducing the average time in the call queue is necessary.

3. Average time to answer the call

Once a customer call is transferred or routed to the agent by an intelligent call center software solution, it should be answered as soon as possible by the agent. If an agent takes a little longer to answer the call of a customer, then it is likely to contribute to a negative customer experience. Try reducing the average time your agents take in responding to customers once the call is assigned.

4. Average call abandoned rate

The call abandoned rate is the number of customers that dropped or abandoned the calls before reaching the agent. This number indicates long call queues and can result in a negative customer experience. Watching this KPI closely and reducing the total number of abandoned call is necessary to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Average call duration

This can also be an indicator of a negative or positive customer experience. Too long and too short call duration indicates something needs to be improved. Monitor closely to identify the problem area and improve this KPI.

These are the top 5 KPIs that are directly connected with the customer experience. One of the tips we have to help you improve these KPIs is to use an intelligent call center software solution, iCallify. It has some amazing features that can help you improve all these KPIs and customer satisfaction. Contact us for more details.