Automation has revolutionized many industries and enhanced the customer experience remarkably well. When tools and software solutions are entering various industries to introduce automation, how would an intelligent call center software solution of Inextrix stay behind?

The intelligent call center software, iCallify of our company is renowned as an intelligent solution because it is built with smart algorithms and features. Some of the intelligent features available in iCallify introduce automation and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is one of them. 

There are many operations that can be automated by using the IVR feature of our intelligent call center software. Let us share the top 4 operations our IVR feature can automate in any call center or business, no matter what the industry vertical is.

1. Connect caller to the right person

IVR solutions were available in the market a few years back. In fact, still, you can find an independent IVR solution and the most common use of the IVR system is to answer the call and welcome the caller with a warm greeting. After that, the IVR solution routes the caller to the right agent or executive in the right department.

Now, IVR is one of the features available in the intelligent call center software and it performs the same job of automating the process of connecting the caller to the right agent in the right department. A call center or company does not need to put a receptionist for this operation.

2. Answer frequently asked questions

Another important operation automated by the IVR is answering all frequently asked questions of customers or prospective customers. In all companies and call centers, some questions are common, and putting a dedicated team to answer those questions can waste productive hours. The IVR feature of iCallify can automate the whole process of answering all frequently asked questions.

3. Giving account specific details

In all companies, the companies would have their profile or account; whether it is an eCommerce store, a bank, a corporate house, or an IT company. The customer often needs some specific details related to his or her account such as checking the balance, reviewing the upcoming invoice date, raise a support request, etc. The IVR feature available in our intelligent call center software can be used here to let customers retrieve the account specific details.

4. Payment processing

Many call centers and businesses that use one or another call center solution don’t know that the IVR can also be used for payment processing. The IVR of iCallify supports secure payment processing and makes sure the sensitive payment information stays encrypted during a transaction.

Concluding notes

These are the top 4 operations that an IVR feature of the intelligent call center software can automate. There are many more operations that can be automated with this feature.

Our intelligent call center software, iCallify, comes up with many amazing features that can help you automate or enhance your existing operations. We can cover all features in a demo. Contact us to book a free demo NOW!