A call center receives several calls every day. In order to know what’s going on, it is vital to gauge what the agents are doing, how speedy they’re doing it and how well they’re pleasing the customers.

The call center agent productivity can only be calculated with concrete and trustworthy Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The metrics present in the Intelligent Call Center Software assist to track and evaluate the factors that are vital to the success of the call center.

However, the intelligent call center software has a variety of metrics in real-time. So, how does one know which metrics are more important?

Here are the top 5 important call center performance metrics to keep a track of:

1) Average Call Engagement Time

It is one of the most important ways to measure call center agent productivity. It is the average time from when the agents answer the call until they disconnect the call. When the agent’s engagement time is too long, it is an indication that they are struggling with the customers’ queries. Also, if the agent’s engagement time is too less, it may mean that the agent is not providing any quality assistance to the customer.

2) Average Time in Queue

This metric is calculated in the intelligent call center software by dividing the total time callers wait in queue with the total number of calls answered. If the customers are waiting in the line longer than usual, the agents in the team can be coached to lower this KPI score by being more efficient in handling calls.

3) Average Speed of Answer

It is one of the best KPIs to evaluate the team of agents. It is an important metric in the intelligent call center software, which calculates the average time it takes to answer calls within a specified time duration. If this metric is too high, it could mean that the agents are not moving as fast as they should. One can find out the reasons behind the low speed of answering calls and come out with a suitable solution.

4) Average after Call Work Time

It is yet another way to measure call center executive productivity. It measures the average time taken by the agents to complete the work associated with a call after it is done. After call completion, the agents spend quite a bit of time updating the details associated with the call in the intelligent call center software. A customer service representative needs to spend enough time in order to do this task accurately. However, if the average after call work time is too high, there may be something that is bothering the agents. One needs to find out what’s keeping them from completing this work quickly and how the task can be simplified for them.

5) First Call Resolution (FCR)

It is a metric that measures the number of queries of the customers resolved in the first call itself. For any call center, it is necessary to achieve a high FCR rate. This helps to save the customers’ time and sends across a strong message to them about the customer service offered.

The intelligent call center software is built with state-of-the-art technology and helps in providing a potent call center to maximize the above mentioned KPIs.

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