On the success of any call center, generally, credit is given to agents. However, supervisors in call centers deserve equal credit. In fact, they play an important role to make sure agents can drive a call center towards set success milestones. The role of a call center supervisor is very important and crucial. Thus, call centers need to be very conscious while hiring a supervisor.

Here are some of the qualities a supervisor must have and a call center owner or HR must look for in the candidates for this job:

1. Comfort with technological tools

Supervisors need to work with different technological tools such as intelligent call center software, mobile SIP dialer, tracking system, and more. Thus, supervisors need to have the required knowledge of working with different technological tools as well as they must have comfort working with any new tool coming into the market and adopted by call centers.

2. Proactive supervision

You would say, it is obvious that a supervisor must possess supervision skills. However, making this point is important as in call center supervisors need to be very proactive. Generally, there are multiple agents working in parallel and the supervisor needs to be attentive to all. Of course, he does not need to go to the desk of each agent. He can simply listen to ongoing calls without acknowledgment of agents using features available in intelligent call center software. However, as there are multiple agents, multiple calls, as well as multiple jobs to handle along with supervision, call center supervisors must possess proactive supervision skills.

3. Excellent communication

Communication is the key to success in a call center and supervisors must have excellent communication skills that can pursue anyone. Often, angry customers and complex cases are transferred to supervisors. Thus, supervisors must have the patience to deal with this type of customer and communication skills to pacify and pursue this type of customer. Moreover, supervisors also need to handle agents, train them, motivate them, etc. Thus, they need to be excellent in communication.

4. Positive attitude and high energy

There is a famous proverb, “Speed of an engine defines the speed of the train.”

This proverb is true in case of call centers as well. The attitude and energy of supervisors reflect in the agents they lead and supervise. Jobs in call centers are often stressful. Thus, a positive attitude is necessary for everyone working in this industry. Furthermore, each call whether it is the first calls or one hundred and ninety-eighth call, the customer must hear the energetic greetings and professional responses; for this, high energy is needed, which is often passed by supervisors to agents.

5. Multitasking

In a call center, a supervisor needs to handle multiple tasks. He is not restricted to only one job of supervising. He has to take calls via intelligent call center software, he has to supervise agents, he has to coach agents, he has to communicate with HR, admin, directors, etc. In a nutshell, a call center supervisor needs to handle multiple jobs. Thus, he has to possess the skill of multitasking.