React Native is a cross-platform app development framework developed by Facebook. This amazing framework is used by leading companies around the world for building their mobile apps. React Native app development has become increasingly popular amongst mobile app development companies as it allows them to build highly versatile apps for various platforms using a single codebase.

From Fortune 500 companies to top startups globally, everyone is looking to hire companies for hybrid app development.

Did you know?

In a survey conducted in 2020, 42% of developers chose React Native for building mobile apps.

Among the top 500 mobile apps in the United States, 14.85% of the installed apps are built using React Native.

Popular mobile apps built using React Native

  • Skype
  • Instagram
  • Walmart
  • Tesla
  • Bloomberg
  • Salesforce
  • Uber Eats
  • Pinterest
  • Gyroscope
  • Shine

If you own a startup, the first thing for you to do is have a mobile app for your venture to engage with prospective customers. For this purpose, you need to go for hybrid app development and develop a mobile app that provides a seamless experience to the users on both Android and iOS. Hiring a top React Native app development company India would be the best choice for your startup. React Native development would be perfect if you are looking for quick scalability, have tight deadlines, and have a limited budget.

Here are the top reasons why React Native development is best for startups:

1 .Cost effective

One of the most important factors that startups are worried about is the budget. A startup can hire a React Native app development company India at cost-effective rates of $15–$25 per hour. Choosing the React Native framework means faster development due to the “write once’’ “use anywhere” features of the JSX code. React Native can help startups, especially those with budget constraints, save on development costs and time too.

2. Amazing user experience

Whenever a new mobile app is launched on the market, one of the first things that the target audience is looking out for is the user experience. With React Native, startups can be assured of an exceptional user experience for all mobile users. The React Native framework has various native-like UI components using which React Native app development companies can create native-like apps for the Android and iOS platforms.

3. Reduce time-to-market

time to reduce market

For the success of any mobile app development project by a startup, the time needed for a mobile app to go from the MVP phase to finally being on the smartphone of customers is crucial. The cost reusability function and the fact that more than 90% of the code is common for Android and iOS to make it possible for developers to quickly launch the first version of the mobile app on the market. Less time-to-market means a faster online presence for startups.

 4. Access to a large pool of developers

One of the biggest advantages of startups choosing React Native app development is that they don’t have to worry about hiring the best developers for their projects. There are several developers who specialize in React Native app development services. Depending on the scope of their project or budget, startups can outsource work to a React Native development company based on various hiring models.

5. Support for third-party plug-ins

React Native allows developers to make mobile applications as quickly as possible. React Native development supports the integration of various third party plug-ins, making it possible to create feature rich cross platform apps faster.

6. Developmental adaptability

For any changes in the code, the React Native developer is required to change the code once, and it will be applied to both platforms, i.e., Android and iOS, unlike native app development, where changes to the code need to be done separately for both platforms.

7. Hot reloading

The hot reloading feature of React Native makes it a favorite among mobile app development companies and startups too. The hot reload allows React Native developers to make changes to the app code while the application is still running. The app refreshes automatically, thus, increasing the speed of development.

8. Compatibility with backend technologies

React Native allows developers to work with various backend technologies such as Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django,, and others.

9. A single codebase for two platforms

With React Native, developers can save both time and money by writing code for the same components for two different platforms. React Native allows developers to create just one codebase that works on both the Android and iOS platforms.

10. Open-source community

react native

React Native is backed by Facebook and a lot of enthusiastic React Native developers worldwide. Being open source, one can always find GitHub and Reddit threads to answer questions from developers who are new to the world of React Native development. The massive community of developers is growing tremendously and working tirelessly on improving the framework.

React Native is a robust cross platform app development platform having tremendous potential in the world of mobile apps. It has been a lifesaver for thousands of startups who want to quickly launch their mobile apps into the market for customers but have a restricted budget.

The combination of the low cost of development, quick delivery, and top-notch quality is what makes so many startups choose React Native app development companies. With a reliable and trusted company offering React Native app development services, a startup can leverage the real potential of the React Native framework and get the desired feature rich and amazing cross platform mobile application for their startup.


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