VoIP based solutions have several features built for various communication and collaboration solutions. Some of them have been long used and appreciated features like least cost routing. The VoIP development company builds an LCR (Least Cost Routing) feature, which can be added to different VoIP solutions like a class 4 Softswitch solution, call routing software, etc. 

What is least cost routing?

It is a call routing rule available in the VoIP software solutions like a wholesale Softswitch. Technically, it is the process of analysis, selection, and routing of the call. It routes calls based on the call termination rate, which is the cheapest. Thus, it is called least cost routing of calls. The wholesale VoIP service providers offer LCR to their customers as one of the options to route the calls from source to destination.

It is not the only use case of an LCR feature. It is also used by businesses to reduce the overall call transmission cost by selecting the cheapest rates of calls.

The VoIP development company builds this feature depending on the need and nature of the business.

How does LCR work?

  • In the routing or VoIP solution that routes call based on different call routing strategies load rate cards or tariffs from the carrier.
  • Different carriers give price lists in different formats as companies use different prefix formats. With code range normalization, the software converts different formats of rate cards into the same format using which the rate tables are created.
  • Whenever a calling system receives the call, the inbuilt call routing system will route the call using the route that costs the lowest. 
  • If the route cannot route the call for any reason such as call route failure, the LCR system will try the next call routing feature.

What are the significant advantages of a least cost routing?

Least cost routing

There are many advantages of the LCR feature developed by a VoIP software development company depending on the user that uses this software.

1. Increase customers and meet their needs

Using the best LCR software developed by expert VoIP development service providers, the VoIP service providers can meet the needs of customers that are looking for cheap call routing services. 

2. Maximize profit

If you use an LCR system for your business, it helps reduce expenses and increase returns on investment (ROI) aka profit. This can also increase profit of other businesses that use a network of carriers to route calls.


There are multiple call routing strategies available in different systems such as prefix based, priority based, least cost routing, etc. The system can be used to route calls for customers that use VoIP services or it can be used to handle routing of calls of businesses.

The VoIP development services cover the development of an LCR feature for businesses. 

Are you looking for a VoIP development company to develop the least cost routing feature?

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