DevOps was founded back in 2007 and now it has become a big thing. Major software development companies, whether they are web development companies or mobile app development companies in India or worldwide, have started adopting the DevOps model. In fact, even if the software development company ignores it, businesses demand their development companies and partners to use DevOps as their base methodology. Have you ever wondered, what made DevOps services so vital and in demand? 

We will discover that in this blog post. We are going to cover the following points to give you insight into the topic of why DevOps is crucial for software development. 

  1. What is DevOps? 
  2. Why did DevOps emerge? 
  3. Why is DevOps crucial for software development? 
  4. How can a DevOps development company help? 
  5. Concluding notes 

You will get a better understanding of the phenomenon of DevOps and you will be able to take right advantage of this software development model. So let’s get started. 

1. What is DevOps? 

In simple words, it is a software development methodology that is used to make the whole process of development more reliable, faster, and simpler. It has a set of standards, tools, software, and best practices to follow to reduce the timeframe of development by amalgamating the operations of development and IT operations. 

The top DevOps development companies create teams and infrastructure in a way that development and operational teams work in a harmony to build the top products and solutions. This phenomenon not only boosts the speed of development but also improves the quality of the product. It came from the Agile methodology and it follows the best practices of Agile and Lean. It combines technologies, processes, tools, and teams to produce the best output. Right now in 2023, it is so popular that to build any software or technology product can be used. Whether you want to build a simple healthcare app or if you want to develop a smart telephony platform, DevOps can help your business to leverage maximum advantages and enhance returns over investment (ROI). 

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2. Why did DevOps emerge?

DevOps Software Development

Patrick Debois found a major gap in development and operational processes in the software development lifecycle. The people that work on mobile app or web development are different from those who actually test the system and deploy the software to release it. Moreover, there was a huge gap between both teams. This gap was realized and experienced by many, but Patrick took it really seriously and decided to resolve it with a better methodology. 

Back in 2007, Patrick used his knowledge and experience as an Agile practitioner, project manager and software consultant and emerged a new phenomenon called DevOps. This is how it came into existence. 

DevOps and Agile can be used together as it follows multiple standards related to Agile methodology. This makes it easier for all software development companies to adopt and use. 

As DevOps development bridges the gap between software development and IT operations, its adoption is growing rapidly. In 2022, the market of DevOps software development reached 6.6 billion USD and it is going to grow even faster. 

3. Why is DevOps crucial for software development?

Why DevOps Development

The growth of this software development is quite rapid and that is for all the right reasons. If you are running a software development company and you are not yet considering adopting this methodology, then you must read this. Moreover, if you are a project manager, consultant, technology team lead, or tech enthusiast, it is necessary to understand this popular software development phenomenon. 

There are multiple contributing factors that make it crucial to adopt for any software development project. Let’s discuss the top factors of all. 

Rely on people more than tools 

A majority of software development methodologies lack in bringing the best quality results and improving the lifecycle of development and deployment because they are very much tool centric. In some businesses, these methods are process centric. However, what is very much important in the whole process of building and launching a high quality website, web app, or mobile app is the people that work on that project. Developers, IT operation professionals, software testers, quality assurance engineers, software deployment experts, etc. are the real gems of the whole process and should be leveraged. 

DevOps services focus on people and they make the whole process people centric. It fosters teamwork in teams to remove silos created because of traditional software development processes. This indeed helps in leveraging the advantage of the experience of team members, making them work in a collaborative environment and boosting outcomes. 

CI/CD/CD models 

One of the major advantages of DevOps development is CI/CD/CD, which stands for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment. Traditionally, teams used to work in batches. Developers first develop the product and then pass it to the testers to test the software. Once the software is quality assured, it is passed for integration to the main repository. The final process includes deployment and delivery of the new version release. The whole process may sound quite mature, but the problem with this process was that it makes teams work disjoint. This is used to create delays in the development process and also causes several other challenges. 

Unlike that, DevOps developers and operational teams work in a harmony to maintain an ongoing cycle of development, integration, deployment and delivery. The newly developed code gets integrated into the main repository every hour or at regular intervals. The following teams handle deployment and delivery on an ongoing basis. This removes delays in the process because everything is working on an ongoing basis. The quality issues or wrong piece of code gets identified early and also gets resolved instead of waiting for the whole module with all features to get developed and then working again. 

This not only reduces the software development lifecycle but also increases the efficiency of the whole process. Thus, for growing mobile app and web development companies, it has become necessary to adopt DevOps to benefit its clients and prove their own expertise as a development company. 

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Maximized automation 

Another advantage of DevOps is automation introduced by DevOps tools and infrastructure. There are multiple tools that contribute to reducing the tedious workload on human resources, so the whole process can be carried out quickly. For example, when the code is integrated into the repository, some level of testing is done automatically and in case of an error, it will alert the team and not allow the integration. This helps in saving time for software testers and other team members. There are multiple other jobs that can be automated by DevOps developers to speed up the development process. 

4. How can a DevOps development company help?

A company that has been following the best practices and development method of DevOps knows how to leverage the major advantages of this software development methodology. They help businesses in multiple ways: 

  • Consultation: They provide the DevOps consultation, so any doubts can be cleared. Moreover, if a company like one of the mobile app development companies in India wants to use an existing team, DevOps consultation includes leading and coaching the team with project management and mobile development best practices. 
  • Development: The company will have its own team of developers, project managers, etc. that can implement DevOps best practices, tools, people, etc. in operations for you to streamline the whole process of development and deployment with a CI/CD approach. This can help your business to leverage early market benefits by reducing time to market. This also reduces overall expenses on software development.  

Concluding notes

 In conclusion, Development and Operations are ongoing processes and teams working on these two aspects must work in collaboration to enhance the whole process. The top DevOps development companies master this art as they have been using DevOps and a set of rules, protocols, standards, best practices, automation tools, and people to keep the cycle of software development smoothly running. This helps reduce time, investment of money, and errors in building any software product. It is one of the most popular methods adopted worldwide by investors, developers, development companies, consultants, and project managers. It is a billion dollar industry and more businesses are joining this group to gain competitive advantages. 

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