A wide spectrum of solutions, applications, and even technologies are available in the VoIP industry. More and more additions are taking place in this industry with ongoing research and innovation carried out by the top VoIP development companies, government, telecom authorities, and even hackers. Yes, the IP telephony market is huge and that is why there are so many inventions and innovations taking place in this industry. Using a single platform or technology, several applications can be built. For example, traditionally OpenSIPs solution development companies used to focus on its SIP server characteristic only. However, now, there are so many innovations have already taken place for this technology and it can be used as a complete VoIP software development kit. 

OpenSIPs with the right OpenSIPs customization can be used for multiple applications. All you need is expertise of using this platform and customizing it with the right scripts and configurations. Of course, you can always take help from an OpenSIPs development company to achieve what you need from this platform. However, if you have experience working with this technology and want to try something on your own, we will share how you can use it as a VoIP software development kit. 

To give you a complete insight over the power of this VoIP technology, which is also a popular SIP server or SIP proxy server, we will cover the following points in this blog post: 

  1. What is a VoIP software development kit? 
  2. What is OpenSIPs? 
  3. What are the steps for OpenSIPs installation? 
  4. What are the available SIP configuration options for OpenSIPs? 
  5. How to create users for voicemail? 
  6. How to use the PSTN gateway in OpenSIPs? 
  7. How to configure SS7 routing? 
  8. How can Inextrix help with its OpenSIPs development services? 
  9. Concluding notes 

We will try to cover all necessary details in this blog post to help you use this VoIP platform at its full capacity and not just as a SIP server. So without further holdup, let’s get started. 

1. What is a VoIP software development kit? 

A software development kit is a complete solution for developers that help them build, debug, test, and install a software solution after development. A VoIP software development kit is a comprehensive set of tools, frameworks, compilers, debuggers, and other essential components required by VoIP developers to build a comprehensive VoIP application. 

Depending on the VoIP platform or technology, the VoIP solution development kit can give different tools and frameworks along with a compiler and debugger. 

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2. What is OpenSIPs? 

OpenSIPs is an acronym of Open Session Initiation Protocol Server. It is also referred to as an open source SIP proxy program. Originally, it was used by OpenSIPs solution development companies as a SIP proxy server. It retransmits the SIP requests received at this server after evaluating and classifying them to the specified destination. It can also transmit requests to more than one destination, all in one go or one by one. 

It is also used as a proxy server, load balancer, router, switch, gateway, application server, and registrar server. However, it is not yet explored as a comprehensive software development kit by VoIP development companies. But, it is a complete software development kit that can be used to build cutting edge applications to empower VoIP businesses. 

In the following pointers, we will explore a technical guide to use it as a software development kit and build an app with OpenSIPs customization. 

3. What are the steps for OpenSIPs installation? 

Steps For OpenSIPs Installation

To use this platform, the first step will be installation of this platform. This technical installation guide can be used to install it on Ubuntu for any purpose. It can be installed for standalone or embedded configurations. 

Whether you want to use it as a load balancer or as a software development kit, you need to install it first. 

  • Download the latest version of OpenSIPs. You can find it here on the official website of OpenSIPs, here. 
  • Run this code: tar xzf open siips-1.5-1.tar.gz. This will help you extract the downloaded software. 
  • Run this code: cd open siips-1.5-1. Once your software is extracted, running this code will change the directory. 
  • Run this code: sudo. /install 

This will take some time and install OpenSIPs to use for any purpose you would like to achieve with this software. 

4. What are the available SIP configuration options for OpenSIPs? 

There are multiple options available for SIP configurations with an OpenSIPs server. Following are some of the popular and useful options that can be set from different locations and in some cases, multiple times. Following are the available options: 

  • Choose the interface type: TCP or UDP 
  • Interface IP address configuration 
  • SIP server port configuration 
  • TLS encryption enable 
  • Configurations for logging, which are categorized into three parts: memory-based log files, file, syslog. 

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5. How to create users for voicemail? 

Once installation and configuration steps are completed, the OpenSIPs development company or OpenSIPs developer can configure different VoIP applications and services. Voicemail is one of the most widely used applications, so we can help you build it with the OpenSIPs development kit. 

You can create users and groups for voicemail with OpenSIPs using a GUI based app. To create users, follow the below mentioned steps: 

  • Browse to the user management tab 
  • Click on the “Add User” option 
  • Add the required information 

These steps will create a user in the SipXecs user account. 

6. How to use the PSTN gateway in OpenSIPs? 

You can configure the PSTN gateway in OpenSIPs by configuring SS7 routing. This routing bridges the VoIP network and PSTN and provides a routing facility. This is necessary to use the voicemail feature if you want to take advantage of PSTN or VoIP calls. 

7. How to configure SS7 routing? 

It is very easy to set up SS7 routing for PSTN to VoIP routing. Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Configure your gateway. You will need to use your credentials for this configuration in OpenSIPs. 
  • Provide the gateway as an outbound proxy server to configure the SIP trunk. You need to have the required SIP trunk and configure its details in this step. 
  • This step will require you to set up a VoIP trunk as an outbound proxy server. It is possible by configuring the gateway. This needs to be done with bidirectional configurations to enable two-way communication for the voicemail feature. 

Once you complete the configurations as mentioned in the above mentioned steps, you have configured and developed a voicemail app that can be used in your OpenSIPs solutions. You have developed the voicemail feature. It is as simple as you find it, but yes, you need to know how to make the right configurations. 

8. How can Inextrix help with its OpenSIPs development services? 

Inextrix Technologies - Leading OpenSIPs Development Company

We, Inextrix Technologies, are one of the leading OpenSIPs development companies and we have been benefiting several businesses with our expertise in this popular SIP server that enables proxy transmission of voice, data, and video. We have multiple services in this VoIP technology and we have mastery in using it as a complete software development kit. 

We can help your business in multiple ways with our seamless solutions and services if you do not have the required experience with this platform. 

OpenSIPs installation 

Even if it is easy to install OpenSIPs, it requires knowledge of OpenSIPs as you need to run some pieces of code and you need to make some configurations depending on the utility of this platform. We can help you download the right version, extract it, install it, and configure it for you. 

OpenSIPs customization services 

We have specialization in customizing OpenSIPs or VoIP services developed using different configurations available for this platform. We can provide OpenSIPs customization services to meet your personalized requirements with our team of OpenSIPs VoIP developers. 

OpenSIPs based VoIP development services 

As you must have perceived by now, OpenSIPs is not just a multipurpose server, but it is a complete VoIP software development kit. With a command line or GUI, we can create or develop different VoIP services for users of this platform. We have experts that can build different VoIP services depending on your business or application requirements. 

Load balancing solution development 

Load balancing is a vital system when you use a system like a SIP trunking solution. With our expertise in OpenSIPs development customization, we can build a sustainable and reliable load balancing solution using the power of OpenSIPs. It can handle massive VoIP calls and data volumes and still provide uninterruptible services, which might be necessary for multiple businesses. 

Concluding notes 

In conclusion, OpenSIPs is a powerful VoIP software development kit along with being a multipurpose SIP server. With the right experience and knowledge of this platform, different VoIP services can be developed and used with OpenSIPs. You may start your journey or experiments with the technical guide shared in this blog post. 

Being the top OpenSIPs solution development company, we can cover your back with any expert service you need with this platform. We can connect over a call and discuss your requirements. To initiate the discussion, contact us. 

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