The market of cross platform app development is booming. Using a single code for different platforms benefits not only businesses that are investing in mobile app development, but it also benefits developers and cross platform app development companies that are building apps. As the market surge is evident, more businesses have started offering hybrid app development services. When investing in this type of business, it is necessary to choose the right development technology. Don’t simply follow what your mobile app development company has to recommend, you must also have done your own research. As per the market trends and various studies shared by different experts in cross platform mobile app development, React Native app development services are worth an investment because React Native has several advantages to offer compared to other development technologies. 

In this blog post, we will uncover all known and unknown advantages of building an app with the help of a top React Native custom app development company or experienced React Native developers. 

  1.       What is cross platform mobile application development?
  2.       What are the major advantages of cross platform application development?
  3.       What are the major advantages of React Native development to build a cross platform app?
  4.       Concluding notes

In this blog post, we intend to reveal all these details to help your business make the right decision about technology while ready to invest in hybrid app development services. 

React Native App Development Services

1. What is cross platform mobile application development? 

Native Android and iOS app development is a process of building two different code bases to build the same app. For Android and Apple users, mobile application development companies need to develop two different apps. The invention of cross platform mobile app development eliminated this requirement of coding for two. Instead of that, now developers can simply develop a single app that can be used on multiple platforms, including, web and mobile. When it is developed specifically for mobile devices, then a single code can be used for both Android and Apple users. 

2. What are the major advantages of cross platform application development? 

Advantages of Building An App By a Top React Native Custom App Development Company

There are several benefits of building a cross platform app for both the company that develops the app and the company that invests in mobile app development. Some of the major advantages of building this type of app are listed below: 

  • The same app can be used on any device and platform 
  • It lets you reach a wider market and audiences
  • It reduces the total cost of development and capital investment 
  • It helps in analyzing the market and testing the effectiveness of the app in the market 
  • It is perfect for prototyping 
  • It reduces the development and maintenance cost 
  • It reduces time to market
  • It simplifies product maintenance 
  • It increased returns over investment (ROI) 

3. What are the major advantages of React Native development to build a cross platform app? 

Top 6 Advantages of React Native Development To Build a Cross Platform App

The real advantages of any app or software can be leveraged only if it is built via the right technology. There are several advantages of using React Native to build a cross platform app. Let us share the top benefits of hybrid app development using this technology. 

Quicker development cycle 

As a matter of fact, building a cross platform app reduces the development time by 50% or more because a single app code can be used on multiple platforms. Once iOS app development finishes, almost 99% of the same code is used for Android platforms as well and developers don’t need to code separately for Android. 

In addition to that, React Native has an amazing feature, Hot Reloading, which saves a lot of time for developers that would otherwise get spent reloading the app after applying changes. Hot Reloading automatically refreshes the app each time a new code or code change is made by a developer. This feature also helps in retrieving fresh data with automated refreshing of the app, which further helps developers. 

This can help mobile application development companies to launch Android and Apple apps faster and start receiving the advantages of going live. 

OTA update 

One of the major advantages of using hybrid app development services is that it offers OTA (Over The Air) updates, which is exclusively available with React Native. It lets React Native app development companies in India and worldwide push updates made in the app without any need for users to upgrade the app to the newer version. This is one amazing feature that can empower companies to continuously update apps and give the enhanced performance of the app to win more customers and customer engagement. 

Capture wider audience 

As wider the audience as larger business growth is a simple logic in any business. Native mobile app development has the limitation of reaching out to an audience of a specific platform only. Alternatively, it would increase the cost of overall app development. However, if a business invests in the best React Native app development services, the company needs to pay for the development of a single app and still, it can seize both Android and Apple markets. 

Flexible customization and development with plug-ins 

In today’s world, security concerns are real, which is why a majority of platforms used to build mobile applications do not allow using third party plug-in integration. However, React Native has overcome this challenge and it supports third party plug-ins. Developers can integrate third party plug-ins and APIs to use those features and functionalities within the app and save time and other resources that would otherwise get wasted in building the same functionality or compromising on the functionality just because technology does not support plug-in integration from third party vendors. 

Cross Platform App Development

This also opens options when we think about using custom themes and skins for user interface. React Native users have a plethora of options to use from third party providers. 

Lower expenses 

As lower expenses, as higher the ROI (Returns on Investment); this is another well known fundamental of business. All cross platform app development companies that use React Native for app development can significantly reduce app development and maintenance expenses. The simple logic is to serve multiple platforms, a business needs to invest in the development of a single app. Moreover, maintenance of the app would also be cheaper because the company will have a single app to maintain. This helps in reducing expenses. 

React Native is a community driven mobile app development platform. There are many expert React Native developers that constantly upgrade the platform by contributing to bug fixing, performance enhancement, and development of new features. This makes sure the users of this development platform get access to the high performing platform, but without making any investment in technology. All one needs to pay for is the services they receive for cross platform app development using React Native. 

This makes the development of an app using React Native perfect for any business because the investment required to build an app would be quite lower compared to native app development. 

Better market understanding 

Sometimes, it is necessary to build a native mobile app, and as one can presume building a native app can be expensive for any business. It is necessary to check the revenue model before investing heavily in app development services. A cross platform app built using the power of React Native can help in launching apps for both Android and Apple users without making a hole in the pocket. This helps in testing the real market and audience response before actually investing in the full fledged native mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms. 

Another scenario in which building a hybrid app is better than investing in a native app is when the app is huge. A cross platform app lets one serve both Android and iOS markets at the cost of developing a single app. It also lets businesses receive feedback from customers before making investment in native app development. 

Concluding notes 

In conclusion, shifting focus from building a native mobile app to a cross platform app is real for any mobile app development company. Cross platform apps come up with so many benefits that it has become impossible to ignore or overlook. Many entrepreneurs cherish the advantages of using hybrid apps and for that using a versatile, reliable, flexible, and scalable platform is necessary. 

React Native has proven its worth as one of the best platforms to build any sized cross platform mobile application. Hot reloading, over the air update, support by Meta, modular and intuitive design, and several other features make React Native the preferred choice for building a custom mobile app that works on both platforms. 

Along with the right technology, the right technical partner is also needed to leverage the power of a powerful development platform or framework. We are regarded as the topmost React Native custom app development company that has benefited businesses with its knowledge and proficiency in building apps using React Native. 

If you are looking for one of the best React Native app development companies in India, then your end is complete here. To explore more about our React Native app development services, contact us NOW! 

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