Communication has been the need of time. Traditionally, people used to use PSTN based solutions like a landline or a mobile phone to make calls. There was no option available for video calls or similar modes of communication. There were multiple challenges in using this traditional mechanism of telecommunication. Moreover, traditional telephony expenses were way too high. Even today, it is expensive to make international calls using PSTN lines. But, the invention of the Linphone and similar communication solutions with PJSIP has turned the table. In addition to that, Linphone and PJSIP customization has changed the game completely. 

What are Linphone and PJSIP? 

Linphone is a mobile SIP dialer and it is used to make local and long distance calls at cheaper rates using the SIP calling mechanism. 

PJSIP offers an application programming interface (API) for communication, which can be integrated into SIP Softphone and solutions like conferencing solutions. Even the most popular communication solution, WhatsApp uses PJSIP to provide a seamless communication experience. 

Both PJSIP and Linphone work on a mechanism of VoIP based communication, which has changed the way people used to communicate. It not only supports one to one voice calling, but it also supports conference calling, plus messaging, file sharing, and other features. This helps in building a perfect communication solution that is feature rich. Moreover, it uses internet lines to make and receive calls or conduct any form of conversation. This reduces the cost per communication. Even international calling is cheaper with VoIP Softphone. 

Linphone and PJSIP, both come under GPL (General Public License) licensing. This makes them flexible to use. A professional VoIP software development company can build customized solutions with these solutions. Even a white label SIP Softphone is possible to achieve with these solutions. 

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What are the major features available in Linphone and PJSIP? 

Major Features Available in Linphone and PJSIP

Both of these SIP Softphone solutions provide excellent features to enhance the communication experience of end users. Moreover, due to the GPL license, VoIP development companies can easily perform Linphone and PJSIP customization.  

  • Voice calls
  • Video calls 
  • Contact book 
  • Call management 
  • Audio conferencing 
  • Last call redial
  • Instant messaging 
  • File sharing (PDF, images, videos, etc.) 
  • Echo cancellation 
  • Call history 
  • Last call redial
  • Call hold and retrieve 
  • Call transfer 
  • Supports different audio and video codec 
  • Supports secure connection with TLS, zRTP, SRTP, etc. 
  • Push notification integration
  • Supports calls over 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G 
  • Supports IPv6 for iOS 
  • And more 

Linphone is a multilingual mobile SIP dialer and it is available in English and French languages. 

What is the personalization of Linphone and PJSIP?

What is the Personalization of Linphone and PJSIP

The right VoIP software development company with skills and experience can customize these communication solutions to provide the required personalization to businesses that are interested in using them. Generally, companies use these apps to provide a remote communication tool to their team members. This not only encourages collaboration, but also helps in leveraging several other advantages. 

Ideally, a majority of companies personalize Linphone and PJSIP to get a white label SIP Softphone, which can represent a business brand. An experienced company can provide a complete white label solution from PJSIP and Linphone with the following: 

Logo customization 

The logo of the VoIP dialer can be changed with the logo of the company, so it can be used as a branded app for communication. Along with using this app for business communication for the internal teams, it can also be used by VoIP Softswitch and similar business owners to run their own businesses. And for that, they require a white label SIP dialer app. 

Registration and login customization 

To use the communication features of Linphone and PJSIP, one has to create a SIP account and configure the account along with login credentials. The stated applications have their own predefined flow, but they can be personalized by a SIP Softphone development company based on their business requirements. 

VoIP dialer theme customization 

The experienced team can design a more intuitive user interface and theme for these VoIP based communication Softphones. This theme can match the brand identity and vision of the business that is going to use it or invest in white labeling of the app. 

Feature customization 

Along with the theme and logo, features of VoIP Softphone can also be customized by experienced developers. The development team can customize call flow, communication features, and even the flow of the app. They can also add missing features or required features into the app to provide a complete communication solution by developing custom features. 

SIP and RTP encryption 

The SIP Softphone development company can encrypt SIP and RTP to provide end to end security for calls. IP based communication is prone to security attacks. The encryption adds a layer, which makes it secure to use the app even for business communication or to share any type of information. 

Concluding notes 

VoIP has brought radical changes to the communication world by introducing cheaper yet better communication tools and technologies. Moreover, open source VoIP solutions are redefining the world of communication without making a hole in the pocket of business owners. PJSIP and Linphone are two popular open source solutions available to build reliable and personalized communication solutions. 

Inextrix is one of the leading companies that offer white label SIP dialer apps for desktops and mobile. For mobile, the company has a dialer app for Apple and Android users with an array of advanced communication features. These dialer apps can be integrated with any third party solutions to build a complete communication system that optimizes workflow. The company also provides an integrated VoIP billing solution to benefit VoIP providers. The company also provides customization of different open source VoIP solutions, including, PJSIP and Linphone. 

Inextrix can build a completely personalized communication app for SIP to SIP and SIP to PRI calling and leverage other communication features. The company has rich experience in customizing SIP based Softphone apps like Linphone and PJSIP, which empowers enterprises. If you are interested in Linphone and PJSIP customization, feel free to connect with the team and receive the required consultant and personalization services. To discuss your requirements, contact us now. 

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