Technology paves its way to each aspect of business and recruitment cannot be left behind. Many companies believe in harnessing the power of technology to save resources and make the recruiting process smoother and faster. Video conferencing solution is one of the tools, which make the recruitment process hassle-free for both employee and employer. It also helps in moving faster in different stages of recruitment, which are listed below:

  1. First-level interview
  2. Technical interview (Optional)
  3. HR round

In this article, we will explain the role of video conferencing in different stages of the recruitment process. We will also explain which features of a video conferencing solution can be useful and advantageous in this whole process.

1. First-level interview

If a CV or resume sent by a candidate is passed, the first level interview is taken. Here, a video conferencing solution can be used to take one-to-one interview via a video conference session. Generally, the agenda of this stage in recruitment is to test the truthfulness of the information mentioned in the CV and to judge professionalisms of the candidate before involving other staff members in the process.

Video conferencing, without wasting too much of time of anyone, helps in judging the prerequisite skills in the candidate.

In some companies, this stage also involves group discussion or a group interview. For example, hiring multiple fresher for training or internship based on skills. Here, multiple features of a video conferencing solution can be used such as:

  • Raise Hand feature by candidates to show a willingness to answer what is asked.
  • Mute all to avoid chaos
  • Share screen if there is something that needs to be shown to the candidates
  • Private chat to ask specific questions or information to individual candidates
  • And more

2. Technical interview (Optional)

This is an advanced stage of the interview, in which, the candidate needs to prove the skills he claims to have. In some companies, this round is not needed. For example, hiring a fresher and in some companies does not need a second round. In some companies, the first and second rounds of recruitment are merged into one. Companies hiring for senior or crucial positions often have a second round to scrutinize the real skills of the candidate.

In this round, usually technical or detailed questions get asked the candidate. Thus, the interviewer needs to use a share screen or file share feature with the candidate. Also, in some companies, the candidate needs to show a portfolio or resolve an issue, in that case, the interviewer needs to use “transfer presentation rights” to the candidate, so he can show the portfolio with screen sharing or presentation. Of course, video conferencing is used in this stage as well.

3. HR round

Usually, in this round, salary, designation, and other related points are finalized. If a company hires a local candidate, who will work in-house, this round is taken in a physical office. However, in the process of recruiting a remote employee as well as some companies inclined towards technology uses a video conferencing solution in this last stage of recruitment. During a video call, the HR manager discusses the final offer as well as candidate and HR exchange documents such as offer letter, certificates, etc. using the file share feature of video conferencing solution.

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