VoIP has been one of the most prominent inventions in the communication industry. This industry relies on multiple VoIP development technologies, frameworks, tools, and more. WebRTC was added to this family in 2011. It is the newest member of this family, but it really took the world by storm with its awesome characteristics and facets. A WebRTC development company happily recommends WebRTC solutions because of the amazing features and benefits associated with them. 

Video chat or conference has been challenging for VoIP developers, but WebRTC has made it quite straightforward. It does not require any third party servers. All a developer needs is knowledge of WebRTC coding and JavaScript. It uses browser technology to transmit streams of data and media among users, which make it way too flexible. 

WebRTC app development not only benefits WebRTC SIP.js developers, but it also empowers service providers. Due to multiple reasons, it is considered the real pal of providers. Let’s explore some of them. 

Benefits Associated with WebRTC App Development

Low capital investment 

WebRTC is an open source platform built and managed by Google. It does not need you to purchase a license or invest in any way in technology. This reduces the cost of technology and the overall cost of development to build a communication or streaming solution. It uses browsers for streaming and does not need any servers, so it reduces the cost of investment even further. Moreover, it does not need any plug-ins or third party integrations. All this reduces the cost of WebRTC application development for service providers. They can reduce the total cost of ownership along with development. 

Complete ownership 

WebRTC is an open source technology. Therefore, if service providers hire a WebRTC development company or hire a WebRTC developer to build the software, they can get access to the complete code once the project completes. There are several advantages of owning the code of the solution. The service providers will be the in-charge of the roadmap of the software. Moreover, there will be no dependencies on the WebRTC SIP.js developers or companies because the code will be under the control and ownership of the provider. 

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Low maintenance 

WebRTC is now supported by almost all browsers unlike earlier when only Google Chrome used to support it. Now, several web and mobile browsers and mobile apps are compatible with WebRTC solutions. This eliminates the need for third party plug-ins and increases the cost of the provider. This helps to keep the system low maintenance. Moreover, regular updates can be handled by the hired WebRTC SIP.js development company without much investment as mostly it can be covered as part of ongoing technical support. 

In addition to that, it lets businesses stream data and media over browser technologies. WebRTC gets regular updates and even browsers get updated regularly by the responsible companies. As there are no software solutions or mobile apps involved, the providers don’t need to invest in technology. 

All these factors keep WebRTC based solutions low maintenance on an ongoing basis, which makes them more affordable for the business. 

The pool of resources available 

WebRTC has been in the VoIP development industry since 2011, which makes it a mature technology for building different types of communication and collaboration solutions. There are several WebRTC development companies and developers available across the world. This gives access to the pool of WebRTC resources to the service provider. This again benefits the service provider as they are not dependent on any one company or developer. 

A variety of WebRTC solutions can be developed 

WebRTC Development to Build Different Types of Communication and Collaboration Tools

WebRTC app development is available at competitive rates to benefit service providers. A majority of times, this technology is appreciated for its smooth and smart streaming of video without any added player or server needs. But, video streaming or video chat is not the only use of this software. It can also help in transmitting audio and even text messages. It makes it a perfect platform to build any type of communication tool for business, entertainment, education, and other industry verticals. 

A service provider can hire a WebRTC developer to build several different types of communication and collaboration tools. Let’s explore the top tools that can be developed using this powerful platform. 

Unified communication / unified communication and collaboration solution 

WebRTC application development can be used to build a complete browser based system to support unified communication or collaboration. It can provide two way transmission of all unified media types and can consist of different types of communication features like video conference, audio conference, chat, file share, SIP calls, voice messaging, screen sharing, and more. It can even support different protocols like SIP, SIP H.264, H.323, XMPP, and more. In addition to that, it supports the integration of social networks, CRM, ERP, remote access tools, IP PBX solutions, etc. by leveraging the power of other technology and tools. 

Webcasting solution 

It is one of the classic examples of WebRTC applications used by several businesses for many years. The service providers can develop an intuitive and feature rich webcasting solution to provide a system to businesses. This can be a great tool for real time video streaming and can be used in several industry verticals, from education to government, business, etc. 

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Whiteboarding solution 

A WebRTC SIP.js development company can build a completely custom whiteboarding solution, which can be used for several applications like exam portals, interview and one-to-one discussions, conduct brainstorming sessions, and more. 

Video streaming / OTT platform 

OTT platforms are buzzing in the world and WebRTC can be a great platform for service providers to hit this groovy market without investing a lot in mobile app development services. Likewise, as it handles videos better, it can be used for video streaming platform development. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, WebRTC is a completely versatile platform that can be used to develop any type of communication, casting, broadcasting, or collaboration tools. The service provider will have access to the platform and code. They can leverage several advantages by using this platform. 

We are a reliable WebRTC development company and we can help you harness the power of this technology to use it as your real pal. For more details, contact us. 

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