Mobile SIP Dialer is one of the best mobile VoIP softphone solutions that have become a buzz in the VoIP industry. In a VoIP business, owning a business under your own brand name is very important. This is where you can witness a successful business growth in the VoIP business. VoIP phones come in two types, namely, hardware and software. The first is traditional one comes as a wired and cordless form, used mainly to make audio calls. The second one is a software application, also known as a mobile SIP dialer or PC dialer that can be installed on a mobile or laptop/desktop to make national and international calling at cheaper costs.

What is Hosted VoIP Business?

Hosted VoIP systems are much more flexible and easier to set up and add, making them less expensive to maintain and other cost-effective consideration. This retail VoIP business is also known as Hosted PBX. Here, the hardware and PBX are hosted on external sites where VoIP services are used. Also, integrating it with the cloud makes Hosted VoIP even more desirable.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Dialer Customization?

Mobile SIP dialer customization is one of the most useful parts of the Hosted VoIP Service. This can be used primarily with the white label option offered by your service provider. To customize your mobile dialer, you need to modify your brand name and other features according to your service provider’s requirements. The customization related to just brand elements change in the mobile SIP dialers in the VoIP industry is called white labeling.

The benefits you get from customizing your dialers are mainly to increase public awareness of your brand, provide the necessary features, present new dialers, and generate revenue from growing customers.

Here are the top benefits of mobile SIP dialer customization:

  • Mobile dialer customization facilitates to build your own brand and this customization is important in White Label service which is offered by VoIP service provider. As part of the customization of VoIP Mobile Dialer, you can change the brand name, logo, theme, etc.  This feature helps you to select the brand name according to your choice.
  • Mobile dialer customization offers multi-functionality feature using which you can choose how many features the dialer application will implement. Besides the call-related features, it comes with Instant Messaging (IM) and Mobile Top-Up (MTU) features. These features facilitate users with messaging and recharge even during odd hours.
  • Besides pin lock, one-time password, double layer authentications, and many other features can be added with a mobile SIP dialer customization service. These features will benefit by providing security to the payment gateway avoiding frauds. It facilitates you in having an integrated payment gateway.
  • Complex interface leads to negative feedback and customers prefer using easy to use platform and mobile dialer customization helps you in making user-friendly and fresh-looking dialer.
  • Mobile SIP dialer customization helps in offering better customer experience. This feature helps in profit generations by establishing your own brand.

Hosted VoIP services help to reduce business costs, which is beneficial for numerous businesses around the world. This VoIP service is a very flexible approach to low capital business. This makes it easy for startup service providers to start their business. The mobile SIP dialer can work as an integral part of the system.

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