Running a call center is not an easy job. There are many aspects that one needs to give attention to. Furthermore, every passing day, new challenges keep adding up into the stress level of agents, staff, and the owner himself. Being one of the major call center software sellers, we have worked with many call centers and companies that use our intelligent call center software. Based on our experience, we have penned down some of the major challenges faced by call centers along with the solutions.

1. Outdated and / or excessive tools

Some tools are used in almost all call centers these days. For example, you cannot imagine a call center without a call center software. Also, some call centers use live chat solution, CRM solution, etc. With changing technologies and trends, one needs to upgrade solutions. For example, the demand of the time is an intelligent call center solution. Think of getting the same for your call center. Also, try to use a single tool with features in it. For example, the intelligent call center software also offers a live chat solution.

2. Frustrated agents that keep on changing jobs

Generally, the life of call center agents is very tedious. They read the same script again and again. They listen to the same frustration and receive very little appreciation in return. It is the duty of the call center officials to make them feel valued. The simple reason behind putting efforts in agent satisfaction is that if they will be happy, then they can delight the customers as well otherwise the same frustration will be passed from one end to another. This is the reason often people talk about the rude behavior of call center agents. The solution is to give them the required training on time to time basis. Use the metrics in call center solution to define training programs. You can also arrange some perks for good performers and conduct fun activities.

3. Dissatisfied Customers

There is no call center which has 100% customer satisfaction. There are some customers completely disappointed with the services. This is the era of social media. The frustrated customers go online and write their frustration. This will defame the brand and can affect business very negatively. It is necessary to monitor all channels to see what is happening to the customers. Try to find frustration issues. For example, as per the metrics available in the intelligent call center software, long call hold time can be a result of frustration in the customers. The call centers must do whatever possible in their defined limits to delight the customer.

These are the top 3 challenges faced by almost all call centers. Careful observation, a happy work environment and better use of technology can help in overcoming these challenges. It is advisable to identify and resolve the issues instead of ignoring them. This will not only make the work smoothly, but will also help you gain word of mouth publicity.

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