The intelligent call center software supports the integration of different communication channels, software, APIs, etc. to provide a holistic solution to businesses. One of the most popular integrations offered to call center software users is call center WhatsApp integration. Let’s explore more details on call center WhatsApp integration.

What is Call Center WhatsApp Integration?

The intelligent call center software provider integrates WhatsApp into the intelligent call center software using API integration. After the integration process, a WhatsApp module will be available in the intelligent call center solution. At the moment, the call center WhatsApp integration offers all features WhatsApp offers except voice and video calling. The user interface of this module will be similar to WhatsApp, but it will be available within the call center software. It means agents can use it without leaving their existing agent window.

How businesses use WhatsApp integrated into the intelligent call center software?

There are various use cases of WhatsApp in businesses. Being one of the most popular instant messaging platforms with more than 2 billion active users, it is one of the inevitable communication channels in businesses.

Let us share some of the most popular use cases of WhatsApp in businesses that use intelligent call center software to provide better customer service and improve their prospecting campaigns.

1. To send regular updates

Businesses often need to send different updates to their existing clients. For example, changes in the taxation slab, scheduled maintenance that may cause downtime, etc. Instead of running a calling campaign using auto dialers of intelligent call center software, a WhatsApp campaign can be run. This can be faster than the calling campaigns. Also, if customers have any questions they can ask. An agent can handle multiple WhatsApp chats in parallel. This will increase productivity along with customer experience. Also, blue ticks will assure that the customer has received and read the message. This will help to avoid future discrepancies.

2. An alternative of live chat

One of the communication channels made available in the omnichannel call center solutions is live chat. Now, WhatsApp chat is replacing live chat. Many questions such as a discount for the purchase to be made, due payment, etc. can be communicated via live chat. Consumers have now started shifting towards WhatsApp chat instead of live chat.

3. To send more details

Sometimes, agents discuss different details on the call with the prospective customer and client, but they need to send these details via PDF or some other formats. This is necessary because customers need details to refer later on. If the intelligent call center software has WhatsApp as another communication channel, then it would be easier for agents to send brochures, reports, bills, etc. because WhatsApp supports document exchange and other features of rich communication.

4. To send follow-ups and reminder

It is also a useful channel to send a quick reminder, follow-up, or alerts. Businesses can save resources by using WhatsApp as another mode of communication.

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