Communication is the key to correlation; whether it is between a brand and customers, between team members of the same company, or between family members. The lag in communication can hamper the relationship. This is the reason businesses invest in tools like intelligent call center software to retain clientele by forming a strong relationship.

To have flawless and hassle free communication, one needs to adopt new communication channels as the time and habits shift. In the traditional time, the only way of communication was letters, which were then replaced by landline and now with the smart devices. To match the changing user behavior, businesses also need to change resources, tools, processes, etc. WhatsApp is one of the modern communication tools / channels used by people heavily nowadays. Therefore, employing it as one of the communication channels is necessary.

The reason for using intelligent call center software to handle WhatsApp chat is to manage multiple communication channels more productively and to have clear logs of all conversations for quality purposes.

According to one of the survey results, every day more than 65 billion messages get exchanged over WhatsApp. This number shows the popularity of using it as one of the communication channels. This is the number of preset time. In the future, this number will be even drastic as there is no competitor reaching even nearby to WhatsApp. It is the sole tool, which is enjoying so much popularity, which is growing like anything, and why not? WhatsApp is extremely easy to operate, which makes it so popular among people. Therefore, using an intelligent call center software solution that supports this channel of communication is a necessity nowadays to become future ready.

Let’s explore some more reason, which proves the importance of it as a next generation communication tool.

As WhatsApp is easy to use, all generation people use it. Therefore, regardless of the fact, which generation audience you target, by implementing WhatsApp, you can be on your mark for now and in the future.

WhatsApp is excellent for quick communication. Therefore, there are multiple use cases of it in terms of business communication, which make it one of the best communication options. For example, in a bank, if there is a small query related to a saving account or current account, one can simply use a WhatsApp chat to have a quick and on the go conversation. On the other hand, if a bank account holder has lost his debit card or credit card, then it is necessary for him to quickly call the bank on the given helpline number and get the card blocked immediately. There are many similar use cases, which prove the worth of WhatsApp in business communication.

Any business or a call center interested in grabbing more leads and retaining existing customers must adopt WhatsApp as one of the supported communication channels.

As mentioned earlier, using it within the intelligent call center software can bestow several advantages. We offer intelligent software with WhatsApp and other futuristic communication channels. Contact us for more details.