Nowadays, a call center solution is used by even a startup or a small business. This has brought a groundbreaking shift in the way business procedures were executed and businesses compete with each other. This has invented competitive solutions such as an intelligent call center software.

These competitive market traits and increasing demand of customers make it necessary for all businesses, regardless of their size and industry vertical, to get an intelligent call center solution. However, it is equally true that not all businesses need this software.

Your business is at the stage of growth, which needs to have an intelligent call center software or not is explained in this article. After reading this article, you will learn whether your business needs it or not.

1. Your receptionist is handling an overwhelming number of calls

Whether the calls are for requesting post-sales support service or for inquiring about something you offer, if the volume is too high, then you need the solution. If your receptionist does not get a moment to breathe out of attending calls and transferring them to the right executive in your company, then you need to get the intelligent call center software now. This solution will handle all incoming calls and connect the caller to the right executive. Sometimes, this software itself resolves the query and saves time and resources of both caller and your company.

2. Team is busy responding to people other than phone calls

In the modern era, people use a variety of modes of communication such as WhatsApp, Facebook, ticketing solution, live chat on the website, SMS, etc. If your team members are always or most of the time busy responding to the customers or prospects on multiple communication tools, it clearly implies, you need an intelligent call center software, which supports omnichannel communication. Solutions like iCallify are intelligent omnichannel call center solutions.

3. Client-base is increasing rapidly

If your company is growing and your customer base is increasing rapidly or exponentially, then you need to figure out customer care procedures. There would be hardly any business, which does not offer any support services after the sales. To manage the customer care calls or communications, using an intelligent call center software becomes inevitable.

Client-base is not increasing as per the expectations

This is one more sign, which is asking you to get an intelligent call center software. Losing clients and not getting new clients to ask for extra efforts in all competitive industries. Intelligent call center software can benefit here as well. It can let your sales executives run a lead generation campaign to reach more people, try to persuade them, and increase your client base. On the other hand, this software helps in increasing the brand loyalty of existing customers by delivering the best customer support services.

These are four major signs, which indicate that this is the time your business needs an intelligent call center software with or without omnichannel communication support.

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