Inextrix participated in the ClueCon weekly event. As per the shared details, the ClueCon representative virtually interviewed the director of Inextrix. In this interview, various aspects were discussed to benefit the participants of the event.

The spokesperson of Inextrix announced that the director and co-founder of the company, Mr. Arpit Modi had participated in ClueCon this July. Arpit has been interviewed by the host of the ClueCon event, Mr. Luca Pradovera. 

About ClueCon Weekly

It is one of the most popular and renowned international conferences and events in the VoIP and telephony industry. Every year, ClueCon is conducted offline where hundreds of telecom and VoIP professionals come together and exchange knowledge, expertise, and business. ClueCon Weekly is part of this event. ClueCon Weekly is conducted virtually. It is hosted by SignalWire and all interview videos are available on the official channel of FreeSWITCH.

As per the shared details, Arpit was interviewed in this series of ClueCon Weekly and his video is now publicly available for the viewers of this event on the official FreeSWITCH channel. In this video interview, Luca, the host of the ClueCon Weekly, asked several interesting questions to Arpit. Arpit has answered all of those questions based on his 13+ years of experience in the VoIP and telephony industry.

The spokesperson of Inextrix has shared the major questions asked by Luca to Arpit, which are listed below:

  • Brief about the company, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Popular products offered by the company
  • How does Inextrix use different open source platforms and modules?
  • How does iCallify use Asterisk? Which are the different modules of Asterisk used in iCallify?
  • How Inextrix uses modules of the FreeSWITCH and FreeSWITCH platform to empower its different products?
  • Which are the different technologies and platforms used to build iCallify and other products offered by Inextrix?
  • What are the installation models that are supported by iCallify?
  • Is iCallify, intelligent call center software, a platform as a service product, or is it the license based solution?
  • What number of seat customers of iCallify are using?
  • Which industry verticals are majorly using iCallify: intelligent call center software?
  • What is the customer base of iCallify?
  • Robocalls and similar spam calling have been increasing in the world. Only a few countries are defining laws to control it. What is your take on this?
  • How have customers been so demanding? What is your take on increasing customer demands?
  • The role of sentiment analysis in the call center software industry
  • Do you also use WebRTC in any of your products? What is the role of WebRTC in iCallify?
  • How open source contributors have stopped giving back to the community? And what is your take on this?

About Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is a leading telecommunication solution provider company. The representative of the company has recently given an interview to the world’s leading developer’s event, ClueCon Weekly. You can watch the complete interview video, here