Inextrix announced that its intelligent call center software, iCallify has been featured in one of the leading digital software review platforms, called, This review site has put iCallify on the list of the best call center software of 2021.

On this occasion, the spokesperson of the company announced that the proprietary call center software of Inextrix has been featured in the list of the best call center software of 2021. This list is published by one of the leading digital software review sites, namely,


It is a renowned digital platform that reviews different software solutions across the globe and depending on various criteria; it judges these solutions under review. Based on the review report, this review website publishes the list of the best or top software solutions in a specific industry or area.

About iCallify

It is a proprietary intelligent call center software solution of Inextrix. This software is developed using smart algorithms and artificial intelligence, which is why it is popularly known as an intelligent call center solution. This software has a wide array of features to offer to businesses to improve various call center operations. This software also supports omnichannel communication by adding all major communication channels such as voice calls, SMS, chat, email, WhatsApp, social media, and help desk ticketing.

As per the details shared by, iCallify has some amazing features like omnichannel communication, predictive dialer, remote agents, sticky agent, skill based call routing, soundboard avatars, call analytics and reports, etc. The review listing of iCallify also mentions the major benefits of this intelligent call center software that puts it on the list of the best call center software solutions of 2021. Below is the list of advantages of iCallify that is shared on this review site:

  • Easy to setup
  • Simple to use
  • An array of reports
  • Availability of training programs

“We are extremely happy to see that iCallify has appeared in the list of the best call center software of the year. Digital has also shared reasons that make it the best solution and those are absolutely perfect. We have been working to lift up the bar by using cutting edge technology for the software and adding exceptional customer support services for our customers using iCallify. We are happy to see the fruit of our hard work and efforts. The only disadvantage of iCallify mentioned by Digital is that pricing is not available on the website. The reason behind this is iCallify is an intelligent call center software solution. Thus, the pricing is custom depending on the requirement of the customer. It means there is no such drawback in using this software. The information is missing on the website and that is for a reason”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

The listing of iCallify on the stated review site shares more details about this call center software, its major features, its dialers, pricing, etc. You can review all this information on the official review page, here