It is a moment of immense happiness for us to introduce our Intelligent Call Center Software, namely, iCallify.

Launch of iCallify is a moment of joy for us, Team Inextrix, as well as our customers who have been demanding a call center software from us. By keeping an ever increasing demand from our existing customers and new prospects, we had decided to launch one of the most reliable call center software in the industry.

We are indeed thankful to our team members who contributed in the development of this intelligent call center solution. Just to give a hint of the efforts put on development of this call center solution, we had made a dedicated team of research experts, business developers, business analysts, VoIP developers and QA engineers. The Research team invested significant efforts in collecting the most in-demand and useful features in the call center software industry. The business development team ran a survey to know the characteristics of an ideal call center solution for our existing customers and prospects. The business analyst team delved deeper in identifying the most important call center software features and segmenting them into a possible version based on the priority and urgency. The dedicated team of VoIP developers worked on building the final product which got quality assured by the QA and software testing experts. We are thankful to the team who given their heart and soul in developing such a remarkable solution to benefit the customers all across the globe.

What Make iCallify Different?

There are many USPs which make iCallify standout from the available options of call center solutions. Some of the key factors are listed below:

  • It is built by using intelligent algorithms which can assure maximum agent productivity as well as customer experience.
  • It has some features which automates operations to save time and improve resource utilization.
  • It supports all scaled companies and industry verticals. From an SMB to a full fledged call center, anyone can use iCallify.
  • It is available in two different models
    • Single tenant call center solution
    • Multi tenant call center solution
  • It has used predictive technology to build dialers which can help call centers and businesses to increase functional capabilities.

These are the top unique points which make iCallify an intelligent call center solution. Even if it is furnished with top and unseen features, it will be made available at affordable rates for our customers as we thrive to cater as many businesses and call centers as possible with this futuristic call center solution.Visibility

Recently, we had arranged a launch event at our headquarter in Ahmedabad in which we had presented this call center software to industry leaders, customers and media representatives. We are really overwhelmed with the received response and feedback from the guests.

The iCallify is in production and ready to use. If you are excited to know more about this Intelligent Call Center Solution, Please visit its official webpage here:

To book a free product demo and get answers to your queries, drop us a line.