We are super excited to share that we, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, are a sponsor of one of the leading open source VoIP conferences and events in the world, ClueCon Developers 2022. We are a leading technology company and we have been focusing on VoIP development. FreeSWITCH is one of the major technologies we use to provide VoIP development services. For our expertise in FreeSWITCH development, we are renowned as a top FreeSWITCH development company.  

We always support and contribute to the growth of open source VoIP platforms and technologies. Inextrix is an award winning VoIP and telephony product development builds futuristic & growing businesses to rule the VoIP arena.  We have transformed open source VoIP billing solution based on Asterisk into a FreeSWITCH based smart telephony platform. We also support other open source VoIP technologies and platforms. As part of our passion to support open source VoIP, we are going to sponsor ClueCon Developers Conference 2022.

About ClueCon

ClueCon Developers Conference, which is more popularly known as ClueCon, is a 4-day long conference that is conducted in summer in the USA. It is said that it is a developer’s event for developers because back in 2005, it was started by a group of passionate developers. From the following year, it is hosted and conducted by FreeSWITCH developers. 

A group of passionate FreeSWITCH developers handle this 4 days event followed by a 1 day of FreeSWITCH training in the USA. This event gives a platform to anyone and everyone associated with the open source or VoIP industry in one way or another. It conducts expert keynote sessions, business networking events, technology meet-ups, fun events, and more to serve knowledge with relaxing moments for the participant.

In the VoIP industry, it is considered one of the most popular and must attend events.

Inextrix at ClueCon 2022

We are extremely glad and thrilled to be a sponsor of this leading IP telephony event. The event details are as below:

Date: 17th to 20th October 2022

Time: 8 AM onwards

Venue: Swissotel Chicago (323 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601)


Our representatives will be part of this event and will be available for these four days at ClueCon Developers Conference 2022. We have some exciting surprises for the attendees of the ClueCon event. 

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Along with representatives of our FreeSWITCH development company, representatives of our supported open source VoIP platform, ASTPP will also be there. Our team is going to deliver a keynote session on an exciting topic of
Building Telecom Business with Open Source Platform” on 18th Oct at 4:00 PM. 

Our team will also conduct an ASTPP meet-up on 18th Oct at 4:45 PM, which will have really interesting discussions and surprises for the attendees. 

This ClueCon our team will squeeze our knowledge and experience to benefit ClueCon attendees. Along with sponsoring the event, our FreeSWITCH development company will also help in spreading the word about open source platforms in the VoIP industry and generate business and partnership opportunities for ClueCon participants.

To schedule a one-to-one meeting or to know more about our participation in ClueCon, contact us.