We are so excited to announce the success of our recent business visit to Ghana. Our representatives participated in multiple events in Ghana and one of the major reasons to be in Ghana was to participate in the popular India Africa ICT expo 2022 to exhibit our web, mobile app, and VoIP development services. 

“We already have multiple clients in different African countries like South Africa, Ghana, Namibia, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Rwanda, etc. So we took this exhibition at the India Africa ICT expo in Ghana as an opportunity to meet our clients and channel partners in person. Thus, our team was in Ghana from 12 to 16 Sep and met our clients”, shared the spokesperson of Inextrix Technologies. 

We are glad to share that the response of our clients was amazing. They love our custom solutions and VoIP custom software development services. We have discussed further opportunities to take our business relationship to the next level with an upgrade to their features, solutions, and even infrastructure with our expertise in the ICT industry.  

Our participation in the India Africa ICT expo 2022 was overwhelming. Our company representative delivered a keynote session at the ICT expo to benefit the expo participants with our years of experience as a leading ICT company. We are renowned as a VoIP development company, but we also have a strong portfolio of web and mobile app development services. 

We had our booth at the India Africa ICT expo 2022 and we greeted hundreds of booth visitors. They were interested in VoIP custom software development services and some of our telephony solutions like a mobile SIP dialer, PC dialer, call center solution, etc. Our stand visitors were mostly from the telecommunication industry with a vision to build competitive or never seen before products. As we have been working in this industry for decades, our team took this opportunity to discuss their requirements in detail and propose our tailored solutions. We also received some turnkey requests, in which our booth visitors were looking for custom mobile app development services, VoIP development services, and web solutions. We are going to take these business discussions forward from there. 

We arranged some interesting games for our stand visitors to have memorable and light moments. It was fun giggling with them along with having a serious brainstorming and discussions. 

Overall, the expo experience was amazing and we loved being in Ghana to meet so many wonderful people at the expo. 

We conducted a meetup to share more details about the smart telephony platform and the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH that is handled by our team to empower several businesses. At the meetup, we had shared our expertise and experience with the participants to help them find a new way of building their own businesses. The participants had an opportunity to connect with other like-minded people during the meetup. 

All in all, being in Ghana and exhibiting our mobile, web, and VoIP development services was an amazing experience. If you have missed meeting our team, we will be in the USA during ClueCon 2022. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet us there. Schedule a personal meeting now!