One of the co-founders and directors of Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd will visit Ghana next week to explore business opportunities.

We, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have been managing and maintaining one of the leading open source VoIP solutions, namely, ASTPP for more than 7 years now. The latest version of this open source VoIP solution is version 4 which is a smart telephony solution that can be used by the VoIP telephony service providers and similar business owners. One of the delighted customers of ASTPP 4 has invited us to personally visit them.

One of our co-founders and directors, Mr. Samir Doshi, will visit him and will be in Ghana.

Country to be visited: Ghana, West Africa

Business trip dates:  10 Feb 2020 to 14 Feb 2020

Samir Doshi will represent ASTPP and Inextrix. The customer has shown interest in knowing more about various offerings of Inextrix and Samir will take this opportunity. He will showcase our top products. One of the top products to be showcased there is iCallify which is an intelligent call center software. It is loaded with a wide array of features and it gives a competitive edge to its users with its smart technologies. Samir will also showcase mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer during the meeting as these SIP Softphone solutions can be used as one of the offerings in the VoIP based telephony business of the customer.

Samir will also meet some other customers in Ghana to discuss about business expansion and to personally receive their feedback on various services and solutions offered by the company.

Samir has lined up meetings with some of the prospects in Ghana who have shown interest in knowing more about ASTPP, iCallify, SIP Softphone, live call monitoring, and other products of the company. Samir will also discuss about our trending services such as wearable app development and augmented reality app development services.

We are glad to share that we will have the opportunity to meet customers and learn about their experiences. We are also excited to discuss business opportunities with customers and prospects.

We are open to accept some more meeting invites from customers, prospects, and other professionals who would like to meet us and discuss possible business opportunities. We are also open to having just a cup of coffee with business people and introduce each other.

“The client is using ASTPP 4 which is maintained by us. He is very happy with our services and product. He is willing to spread out his business wings and thus he has shown interest in knowing how our other products can help him expanding his business. I am excited to discuss more about this with our customer. I am also going to meet some other customers and prospects to discuss business opportunities. I am going to visit Ghana for the first time and that also to a happy customer so excitement is double”, shared Samir Doshi, Co-founder and Director of Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd and Community Leader of ASTPP.

If you want to have a personal meeting with Samir in Ghana, please contact us.