We are excited to share that we are going to exhibit iCallify: intelligent call center software at CC (Call and Contact Centre) Expo 2020.

As we had announced earlier, we have booked a booth at CC Expo 2020 and we are going to exhibit our innovative solutions and client-centric services there. As everyone knows, iCallify is our one of the most powerful solutions, we are excited to exhibit it at the Call and Contact Centre Expo. It uses the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven predictive technology and smart algorithms to benefit its users. We have been offering this solution at affordable rates to all scaled call centers and BPOs with our different paying models. It has everything; one would like to have in his or her call center solution. Furthermore, it has some advanced and futuristic features which are not available in traditional call center solutions. These characteristics of this system make it truly an intelligent call center software solution.

Within a few months, iCallify has received astounding popularity. We are happy to cater to a majority of industry verticals with our intelligent call center solution. Now, we want to expand its reach.

Call and Contact Centre Expo London is one of the renowned and popular expos for call centers and contact centers. It is going to cover all aspects of these industries and visitors will be able to meet some like-minded people to network with them. We would love to meet people that are interested in buying our intelligent call center software or want to become our channel partner. We have scheduled some meetings and we are still accepting meeting invites for the duration of 15 March to 20 March 2020.

This expo will also have more than 250 seminars which will be delivered by industry leaders. We are also going to benefit our booth visitors with some interesting and useful knowledge about the evolution of call center solutions and industry. We will also educate our booth visitors about the intelligent call center solution, its pros, its features, and what makes it a mandatory tool these days to bypass the competition.

“We are planning to add some more interesting as well as competitive features in this call center solution and we will launch a new version of this system before we go for this expo. iCallify already offers futuristic features and the upcoming features will make it a perfect call center software for any business”, shared spokesperson of the company.

To explore the complete list of existing major features, please visit iCallify Page.

We are excited to meet new professionals, leaders, and aspiring business owners to explore mutual grounds of collaboration and business exchange.

If you are going to visit this expo or if you want to book a meeting outside the expo or if you want to book a demo of this intelligent call center software, contact us NOW!