We are excited to announce the launch of iCallify 2.1. As you know it is an intelligent call center software solution, which is developed using cutting-edge technologies and smart algorithms. It already has a lot of amazing features that help businesses to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Boost team productivity and
  • Increase revenues

We aim to make it the most advanced and powerful call center solution in the market. To meet our set goals, we keep on adding new features in it along with enhancing and optimizing its existing features. We have enhanced many existing features and we are coming up with some powerful new features in our next version release, iCallify Version 2.1.

Our co-founder and director, Mr. Arpit Modi, has announced the launch of iCallify 2.1 in our today’s webinar, which was on the topic of “Omnichannel Intelligent Call Center Software to Drive Success for Your Business”.

Watch the webinar recording here: https://youtu.be/vKkQGAQYsJE

Let us share the key features added in the iCallify 2.1.

Twitter integration

Version 2.1 of this intelligent call center software supports the integration of business or individual Twitter profiles with our intelligent call center software. The agents can send DMs (Direct Messages) to the Twitter accounts of customers and prospects. They can also read the DMs received on the integrated Twitter account and respond to each of them. All these can be done within the screen of iCallify.

Twilio for SMS

We have added one more SMS provider support in iCallify to let you use the SMS APIs of Twilio.

Advanced caller ID

With the iCallify 2.1 you can set caller ID using any of the below-mentioned options:

  • Random caller ID based on area code from the caller ID group
  • Random caller ID based on area code/ prefix
  • Random caller ID from caller ID group

Other than this, for countries like Canada, the USA, etc., in which caller ID name is necessary to display, the iCallify shows the caller ID number as a caller ID name.

Advance Blacklisting

Now you can blacklist numbers using different features added in iCallify 2.1:

  • Number based blacklist
  • Prefix based blacklist and
  • Range-based blacklist (blacklist by number or prefix range)

Advanced DNC controls

Earlier the users of this intelligent call center software could control DNC on the campaign level, but now, it can be controlled globally, if required.

Campaign lead filtering

This is the time to be smarter with your outbound and blended calling campaigns. By using this campaign lead filtering feature, one can filter leads based on the criteria such as “Sydney” city.

Advanced MoH with personalization

Now you can set different MoH (Music on Hold) for different options:

  • Call queue
  • Campaigns
  • External groups and
  • Company

Bulk downloading of call recording files

Downloading multiple call recording files in one go is made easy with our new feature. All call recording files will be zipped and downloaded using the bulk download feature.

Compatibility of audio prompts

Now, you can add any file type for audio prompt, the intelligent call center software itself will convert it to the system compatible audio file.

E.164 phone format support

Now you can set the trunk with four different settings to match the form of E.164 phone number format in a specific country:

  • Destination Number Only: Allows adding plus sign in the destination number
  • Caller ID Only: Allows adding plus sign in the caller ID
  • Both: Allows adding plus sign in both, caller ID and destination number
  • None: Allows having caller ID without plus sign in caller ID and destination number

Agent call logs advancements and other features

  • Agent panel is enhanced with new attractive design elements to make it easy to use and work with
  • The call log filter and search features are added for agents. They can now filter call detail report with specific filters

On-demand features

There are two on-demand features launched with iCallify version 2.1:

  • Voicemail to email, which sends the voicemails to the predefined email address of the company
  • Call recording archiving, which archives the call recording files to a predefined directory on the same or FTP server.

There are many more enhancements and improvements made to the software. To upgrade to the latest version of iCallify or to book a free demo followed by a risk-free trial of 14 days, contact us NOW!