We are happy to announce the successful completion of our first webinar on the topic of “Omnichannel Intelligent Call Center Software to Drive Success for Your Business”.

We had conducted this webinar with an aim to give clarity on common terms used in the businesses, which is an omnichannel call center solution and intelligent call center software. Both terms may sound similar, but they have major differences. Together an omnichannel intelligent call center solution represents the most powerful and advanced software. We also covered how businesses can spike growth by using this software.

Mr. Arpit Modi, Co-founder and Director of Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been leading a successful IT company for more than a decade and had led a team of building the most advanced omnichannel intelligent call center software. He has seen many businesses and call centers grow by using this software. He conducted the very first session of Inextrix and with your support, the webinar was really successful.

We were happy to see 120+ participants participated in the webinar to explore the topic under discussion.

Arpit had commenced the webinar with a quick introduction of our company and himself, which also gave a window to participants that were a bit late to join the webinar. Then he explained the essence of having a call center solution in any business, including a small business.

The next segment of the webinar was filled with some interesting information that includes statistics related to customer experience, customer retention, agent productivity, and its impact on sales. The stats clearly hint at how important it is to boost team productivity and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Arpit then explained how an intelligent call center solution fits in different organizations to meet the needs of the companies. He explained what intelligent call center software actually is and what the key features of this software are.

By continuing the flow of rich and interesting information, the progressing webinar covered what an omnichannel intelligent call center solution is. Moreover, the participants get to learn about the top 3 advantages of using that software.

It is obvious that knowing the advantages of using an omnichannel intelligent call center software solution motivates many participants to get it for their business. Therefore, the next topic briefly covered by Arpit was on the selection criteria for buying this software. 5 basic and essential things, which all businesses seeking to get this solution must check.

The next section of the webinar was on the most interesting topic of the webinar, which was on the top tips for driving success for a business. This section had some easy to apply yet important tips.

The last segment of the webinar was on a quick walkthrough of iCallify, which is an omnichannel intelligent call center software solution offered by Inextrix and questions and answers.

We have also received positive feedback from the webinar participants and some requests for the next webinar’s topic. If you have any comments related to the webinar or omnichannel intelligent call center software, contact us.