We are glad to share that the director of Inextrix Technologies, Mr. Arpit Modi, has returned from his business trip to Istanbul and announced it a successful trip.

We had received an invitation from one of our customers in Istanbul, Turkey for a physical meeting on his premises. We happily accepted the invitation and one of our co-founders, Mr. Arpit Modi, traveled to Turkey, Istanbul. He stayed there for a week and had meetings on different agendas with our existing customers and prospects. The overall experience was really good and we are glad to share that we have received many new opportunities.

Here are the highlights on this business trip of Inextrix Technologies:

Expanded business with the existing customer

The initial meetings of our director were with the existing customer who had invited us to Istanbul. The meeting outcomes resulted in a more consolidated business association with the customer. The customer has been using our call center solution and after the meeting he has shown interest in using our following products:

We have also locked a custom development project for mobile application and web app development for this customer.

We have also finalized that he will become our official channel partner in Turkey to promote and sell our various solutions and services.

Opened discussions for new opportunities

Our director had an opportunity to meet 15+ prospects during his stay. In the business meetings with the prospects, he cared to understand the business model and requirements of the prospects and proposed the best fit solution to them. We are happy to share that more than 80% of meetings were successful and the prospects have shown interest in using our following solutions:

The prospects have also shown keen interest in using our ASTPP: FreeSWITCH Billing Solution, which is an open source and we maintain the same for many years.

Revitalize the connections with other existing customers in Turkey

Our director also made sure to meet our existing customers in Turkey. It was great to meet the customers and listened to their positive feedback for our services and solutions.

The meetings are done and the agendas are finalized. Now, our team is busy in creating demos, paperwork and other related post meeting formalities.