iCallify is an intelligent call center software, which is recently launched in the iCallify launch event by the Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company recommends businesses to adopt this call center solution if the business is willing to start with a reliable call center solution or switch to this call center software from the existing one. With clear knowledge of everyone, in the market, there are hundreds of options available for the call center software. Thus, the very first question arises in the mind of each business owner is why to buy the iCallify for their organization. In this article, we are going to share the top 3 reasons of using the iCallify, call center solution over any other available option in the market.

1. Futuristic Solution

The call center software is generally used by the call centers and / or the businesses to run their various campaigns related to sales, customer care and customer support. The competition is high and getting more and more cutthroat day by day. Thus, it is really important for a business to choose the call center software, which not only helps them to fulfill their needs related to the sales, customer care and customer support campaigns today, but also helps them to get the competitive edge to survive competition today and  in future. The iCallify is built with these agendas in mind. The iCallify is an intelligent call center software as it has used smart algorithms and cutting edge technologies as the base of building the most powerful and futuristic solution.

2. Absolutely Affordable

The call center solutions are generally available with the fixed number of seats and features and generally, the package starts at a very high number. The startup companies may not need those many seats in the beginning. The iCallify supports startups as much as it supports big enterprises. Thus, the Inextrix Technologies offers this intelligent call center solution with a low number of seats. To be more specific, it starts with as low as 5 seats. This makes it really affordable for any scaled businesses. Moreover, it is available with annual and lifetime licenses. Thus, the business can choose their preferred option which is affordable to them.

3. Highly Scalable

The iCallify is developed with a wide array of features and a really flexible model. It can be installed on a server on the premises of the business or on the cloud infrastructure. It is very scalable. The businesses can start with a few seats and then can scale up as and when needed. The company offers installation in 24 hours. It means the company installs the call center software within 24 hours and also scales up within the same time limit. This is indeed the fastest possible turnaround time for the business to get started or scale up.

These are the top 3 reasons which prove that the iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software is made up for all types and size businesses. Contact us to know more benefits of it.