Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd has launched an intelligent call center software, which is named as iCallify on 14th May, 2019. The company had a small launch event in which the director and founder of the company, Mr. Arpit Modi announced the launch of this call center solution. After the launch, the company ran some digital marketing campaigns to spread awareness about this call center solution. It’s been a week and the director of the company shared that they have received an amazing response for this intelligent call center solution: iCallify.

“We have received 65.28% open rate within 3 days for our email campaign, which had executed for 35873 contacts. We have received an amazing response. Our team is busy showing a walkthrough of the product and many of the leads are progressing in the funnel to be locked. We were expecting good response as we have built one of the most robust and reliable call center solutions, but the response we have received is beyond expectation. It is overwhelming. Not only current customers, but also prospects from Google and other mediums are approaching us for their call center solution need and they are loving iCallify”, shared Arpit Modi, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

He further added, “People love the features which are not available in many top call center solutions in the industry. Also, we have used smart algorithms to introduce automation, which helps in increasing productivity. Also, the look and feel and the flow of iCallify is really commendable and people love it as it makes it simplified and adaptive”

The director of the company celebrated this occasion of received success till date with the team of iCallify. As part of the celebration, they cut the cake and shared their vision about the iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Solution. He also shared, how they will make sure they deliver the best customer experience and how the solution will reach the summits of success.

Here is the glimpse of the celebration:

iCallify Success CelebrationTo know more about iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software, please visit