VoIP software such as an IVR system, call center solutions, contact center solutions, live call monitoring systems, etc. is gaining a lot of popularity. In this article, we will talk about one of the most talked-about VoIP solutions, which is a live call monitoring system. 

Unlike cloud contact center solutions, which are often used only in an inbound or outbound call center, the live call monitoring system can be used in any business or enterprise. The major advantage of this software is it improves call quality. 

Here, we will share a complete strategy to improve call quality with a live call monitoring system.

1. Identify and buy the right system

The first thing is to get the best live call monitoring system. If you run a contact center, then you must get call center software that has an integrated live call monitoring system. Alternatively, you can buy an independent live call monitoring system for your business.

2. Define the goals

The live call monitoring system is not a VoIP calling software like an IVR system or call center software. It is a VoIP monitoring system. Thus, goals to be achieved by using this software might be different from what you would aim to get from the best call center software. Define your goals that need to be achieved along with improving call quality.

3. Train supervisors to use this software

Unlike call center software, which will be used by agents, a live call monitoring system will be used by supervisors. Thus, your supervisors must receive the required training to use this VoIP monitoring software. They must be aware of its features and use cases. Moreover, convey goals to be achieved, including, but not limited to, improving call quality using this software.

4. Ask supervisors to monitor the calls

One of the biggest advantages of this software is monitoring all types of calls in real-time, which includes:

  • Ongoing calls
  • Ringing calls
  • Conference calls

Similar to the best call center software, a live call monitoring system also allows supervisors to keep an eye on each live call. This can help supervisors to keep an eagle view on ongoing conversations. Sometimes, supervisors skip monitoring calls because of the heavy workload, but it has to be mandatory for supervisors to use this system and monitor calls in real-time.

5. Ask supervisors to take control of calls, if required

The live call monitoring system also offers features similar to call center software to take over the call or join the call to have a conference call. These are important features that contribute to improving call quality. If supervisors find that the employee is not having a professional conversation or the quality of the call can be improved, he or she must join the call and have a 3-way conferencing. On the other hand, if a supervisor finds that the customer is very angry or there is a fraud attempt, he or she can take control of the call and carry out the conversation positively or hang up the call.

This is a strategy that you must follow to improve call quality using a live call monitoring system. If you are looking for a live call monitoring system, Contact us.