Voice broadcasting, which is also known as call broadcasting, is the most engaging manner to disseminate any message compared to its alternative, which is email and SMS broadcasting. We offer multiple tools that help with its powerful automated voice broadcasting features. Our suite of tools is meticulously designed to harness the power of automated voice broadcasting system, making it the preferred choice for businesses seeking effective communication solutions. However, the best, out of all would be the one that offers all the must-have features. The features integrated into our software simplify the whole job of conveyance of your message to the masses.

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As there is a variety of options available in the market, it is necessary to choose the right voice broadcasting solution. Along with our company, there are some more providers of this software. Thus, you must select the software that empowers your routine and complex call broadcasting campaigns. We will help you with a comprehensive guide on the selection of this necessary software by sharing seven key features. These are must-look-for features in an automated voice broadcasting system.

In this blog post, we will cover the following points to give detailed insight into this subject matter:

So, let’s delve deeper into the details of this subject matter.

1) What Is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice Broadcasting

Back in the 1990s, one of the most popular ways of mass communication was invented and that is a call broadcasting (Source). The method of using tools that can circulate a pre-recorded voice message to the mass audience via an outbound call is known as voice broadcasting.

The pre-recorded voice message is circulated to the selected phone numbers by broadcasting it. At the receiving end, your recipient will receive an incoming call. Once your recipient attends the call, he or she will listen to the pre-recorded voice message. Some voice broadcasting solutions support two-way communication. In that type of software, your recipient not just listens to the message, but also gives input. He or she can give input via a voice prompt or using the dial pad. There are several different utilities for using our tool for broadcasting voice messages.

2) What Is The Role Of Voice Broadcasting?

Your business can benefit by using even a simple voice broadcasting service. However, using an automated system for broadcasting can take your outbound campaigns to another level. We have seen businesses leveraging several advantages by using this software. Moreover, they have found innovative ways of using this software. We have jotted down the fundamental role of this software in your organization.

Circulate Common Updates

  • Your business can have different types of messages that are needed to reach your clients. This can be about a change in the policy; this can be a new product launch message; or this can be some other important announcements. Our automated call broadcasting will convey this message effectively.

Build Strong Customer Relationship

  • Keeping in touch with your clientele must be part of your customer relationship strategy. Our voice broadcasting software provides a reliable tool to strengthen this relationship. You can send occasional festive greetings, loyalty messages, and more with our software.

Disseminate Emergency Alerts

  • Emergency alerts and notifications are also common in your business. These messages need to be sent to all customers without a miss. Our broadcasting tool ensures this happens on time and without missing any clients.

3) What Are The Major Benefits Of Voice Broadcasting?

Benefits Of Voice Broadcasting

There are several advantages of using our automated voice broadcasting system. This system is built with advanced features to automate your outbound campaigns. Let us share three major advantages of using this software.


  • The major advantage of using our system is to send a message with the same consistency. Unlike your human resources, the machine will not get tired. It will share the same voice message with the same emotions in the voice. This will help you make an impact on your target audience.


  • Our software is extremely fast compared to your manual process. In the manual process, your team needs to call all customers sequentially and convey the message. This approach is time-consuming. Unlike that, our system will convey the message promptly and within a predefined time frame.


  • Our voice broadcasting solution does not need any additional resources. It will use your manager or IT engineer to create a broadcasting campaign. Once this campaign is configured, the system will manage the rest of the jobs. This will make the whole process quite dependable. It will also save your manpower, telephony resources, and more.

4)  What Are Must-have Key Features In an Automated Call Broadcasting System?

Automated Call Broadcasting System

Along with our offered solution, there are many options available in the market. To help you get out of your dilemma while selecting the right voice broadcasting software, we have defined the list of 7 key features. You must look for these key features in your software.

You can also get your software developed by having the help of the development company. One of the most recommended ways is to get your voice broadcasting development in FreeSWITCH.

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1. Text to Speech

  • The first thing you need to run an automated voice broadcasting system campaign is the text-to-speech feature. It will help you convert your typed text message into a voice prompt. A majority of solutions provide the option to upload the voice prompt. However, the best option is to get text-to-speech conversion. Our software provides conversion natural language processing with multiple options to convert messages into a voice prompt.

2. Personalization of Voice Message

  • This may require the integration of our broadcasting software with your CRM system. Personalization will ensure that all voice messages will be personalized at the receiving end. It means your clients will hear a personalized message. For example, your client will hear their name in the salutation part of the message. This feature can create an outstanding impact. Thus, it is a mandatory feature to look for.

3. Retry Limit Setting

  • Some customers might not attend the call on the first attempt. Thus, your software must try to connect with clients multiple times. Your automated call broadcasting platform must let you define how many times you want to retry for a single client.
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4. DNC Management

  • In some countries, it is mandatory to provide an opt-out option. If some of your clients have chosen to opt out of your broadcasting list, you have to respect it. Our software automatically skips all numbers that have requested the do not call option.

5. Call Recording

  • For quality and training purposes, companies often record marketing and sales calls. A majority of voice broadcasting solutions don’t provide the option of real-time monitoring of campaigns. Real-time monitoring and coaching are not possible with a broadcasting feature. Thus, it is necessary to have a call recording feature. It lets you review the quality of calls and services. It will also help you decode messages spoken by clients that our system finds gibberish. Thus, call recording is a must-have feature in your solution.

6. User Input Gathering

  • Traditionally, call broadcasting campaigns were a one-way street. However, this limitation is not a roadblock to our solution. You can run a two-way broadcasting campaign. Along with playing a pre-recorded voice prompt, you can also gather user input. This type of campaign is also known as a press-1 campaign, where your client presses 1 from their dial pad if they are interested. This is a hint to take the conversation to the next level.

7. Reports

  • Any software falls under the category of not useful if it does not provide reports. Reports give you a clear insight into the performance of different campaigns. This information helps in judging the effectiveness of already executed campaigns. Moreover, it helps in defining the strategy for your future campaigns. Thus, it is also a must-look for a feature in your call broadcasting software.

5) Conclusion

Voice broadcasting has been a need for all businesses regardless of the industry. However, finding an ideal tool for automated broadcasting campaigns is often very challenging for businesses like yours. To help you make the right choice of software, we have shared seven must-have features. These features define the effectiveness of your software. Thus, you must look for these features before making a purchase. Even if you are using a voice broadcasting service, your service provider must offer the mentioned features.

We are one of the top leaders in this space of communication software. We have been offering the best call broadcasting software. Our software provides all the features shared in the must-have list of this blog post. Moreover, our software has value-added features like multi-tenant support, answering machine detection, concurrent call control, and more. We also provide the required customization and development to meet the custom needs of our clients.

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