The VoIP industry is booming with an overall CAGR of 14.40% and the total market value of VoIP services is worth 115.212.20 million US dollars. By 2023, the whole market value will be worth 129,268.10 million US dollars (Source). These numbers and growth rate have attracted several startups to conceive and launch the best VoIP product. One common trend for these startup companies is using IT and VoIP Staff Augmentation solutions and we are going to discuss all the details about this popular trend in this blog post. 

What is Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation services 

When a startup aims to revolutionize the industry with an innovative VoIP product, it needs skilled developers, designers, and a talented team. The staff augmentation is a process of hiring remote team rather than hiring an in-house team for VoIP software development.  

The company can either hire one or two members like a WebRTC developer that complements his existing in-house skills of OpenSIPs solution development. On the other hand, the business owner can also hire a whole IT and VoIP team using IT staff augmentation services offered by the company to recruit all talented heads without any need to manage them on-premises. 

So in a nutshell, the process of augmenting the existing team is called staff augmentation. If you specifically hire a team of VoIP based experts, then it falls under VoIP team augmentation and if you hire a diverse skilled team that includes frontend developer, backend developer, WebRTC developer, etc., then it is the IT staff augmentation. 

IT outsourcing is an alternative, but staffing remains superior for startups due to several reasons. If you are unaware of the difference between IT outsourcing and staffing, then you must be interested in reading our detailed blog post on this topic. 

Top Advantages of Staff Augmentation for VoIP Companies

IT Staff Augmentation 

The IT staff augmentation company with resources in VoIP, web, and mobile app development provides staffing services based on the need of the startup company. There are several advantages of using this staffing service.

1. No Hassle of Following Scouting and Recruitment Cycle

Crafting a team with varied expertise in web, mobile, and VoIP might seem simple, but it’s truly challenging. There is a scarcity of skilled resources in the IT and specifically VoIP industry. It is difficult to find an expert in OpenSIPs solutions development and retain the talent. Furthermore, it involves CV screening, interviews, candidate shortlisting, offering positions, and negotiation to finalize the deal. Sounds like such a hassle. Yes, it is! 

The startup has a lot on its plate to manage and managing recruitment cycle can be a great stress. However, IT staff augmentation services can help in taking off this stress by providing the required team members that are as skilled as a startup company needs to have. 

2. Save Money on Human Resource Management

Budget is one of the major issues that a majority of startup companies face across the world. They must prioritize skilled developers and designers, as they’re pivotal to building the product for market success, without compromise. The traditional option of hiring an in-house team has several expenses associated with it. From recruitment agency fee to cost related to building a work environment with the required hardware, software, physical space, etc. Moreover, the company will also need to invest in managing these resources and spending on giving them a warm and stress-free work environment. All this would cost a lot. 

On the other hand, the IT staff augmentation company will manage all these expenses and provide you the required team members as per your requirements. You will not need to pay anything for tools, systems, physical space, etc. Everything will be covered in the hourly rate charged for the remote resources put for your business.

3. Stay Free from Employment Rules

Different countries have different employment rules or labor laws to save the interest of employees. When you are not hiring any in-house team, your startup is free from all these laws, regulations and legislations. You can lead and manage the entire IT or VoIP team without concerns about adhering to employment laws.

4. Enjoy Scalability and Flexibility

This is one of the best advantages of staffing model for startup companies. The startup can choose to scale up or down the team and this is often needed in any business. For example, in the initial stage of the VoIP software development for solutions like a Class 5 Softswitch, you may need a few developers and more designers. In the later stages, you might not need any designer because the development and testing will be in progress. This scalability is only possible with staffing solution. 

Additionally, when a startup aims for milestones, it can swiftly incorporate highly experienced team members to maintain rapid progress. Conversely, if business needs to decelerate, certain team members can be removed or substituted with junior staff. The flexibility and scalability of team extension and shrinkage is mind blowing with the staffing solution.

5. Reduced Time to Market 

This option’s key benefit: quicker time to market by tapping into skilled team members and expandable scalability, reaching the market ahead of schedule. Moreover, in the staffing option, a startup never needs to worry about a sick employee or a leaving employee that would affect the deadline. Everything will be managed by the staffing company that provides you with the team. This ensures reduced time to market. 

Concluding Notes 

In a nutshell, startup companies can leverage a plethora of advantages with staff augmentation solutions to build their VoIP products. The main benefit is conserving resources for reuse in productive areas, promoting growth and product popularity. 

If you are in the hunt for the right partner that can satisfy your VoIP staff augmentation requirements, then you are at the right place. For more details, please contact us.

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