Hiring remote resources is no longer a far-fetched concept, especially, in the IT, telecom, and development industry. Due to the increasing adoption of the remote working model and technologies like AI, IoT, 5G, etc. implementing the remote working model has become simplified and straightforward. When you have a project for Asterisk development, you can hire a remote developer or you can outsource the project of building the top telephony product in Asterisk with a fixed cost model. In technical words, it is called time and material or fixed cost models. These models have been in the industry for many years, but the mounting popularity of remote work has boosted the adoption of these models. 

If you are thinking about whether to hire an Asterisk developer or invest in fixed cost VoIP software development in Asterisk, this article will give you a complete insight into it. 

What is Asterisk development? 

It is a process of building telecom solutions like an IP PBX solution, fax server solution, DID number management solution, live call monitoring solution, class 5 Softswitch software, voice broadcasting solution, and more in Asterisk technology. The experienced Asterisk developers will build the best telephony solutions.  

The term Asterisk software development is a basket term. Whether you hire an in-house developer, remote developer, or outsource the project of building a telecom solution to an Asterisk development company, it refers to the same process. But, to make a detailed comparison, we will refer to the development project as an outsourced project to the company that builds the telecommunication product in the stated VoIP development technology. 

What does it mean to hire a remote Asterisk developer?

Major Benefits of Hiring a Remote Asterisk Expert 

Asterisk developers are available for hire on freelancing portals and via VoIP development companies that allow businesses to hire a remote developer for a specific project or predefined hours. One can hire a programmer on full time, part time, or hourly basis. There are several other time and material based options defined by the development company that offers this hiring option. 

Asterisk software development vs. hiring a remote Asterisk expert  

Unlike traditional times, businesses have started adopting remote models due to several advantages this model offers. Some of the major benefits of this model are briefly explained below:

1. Low cost of development

The first and foremost advantage of remote models is reduced development cost. As businesses don’t need to make a remote setup of businesses, they will not need to invest in recruitment, human resource management, team building activities, infrastructure, and more. Everything will be handled remotely by the Asterisk development company that has offered this service. This will help in reducing costs drastically low. In many cases, businesses save up to 80% of the total cost of product development with remote models.

2. No hassle of project management

Unlike an in-house team, you don’t need a technical expert to lead, guide, or supervise the efforts spent in Asterisk software development by developers. When you hire Asterisk developers that work remotely, you can be rest assured that they will be managed by the company offering you the service. All you need to enjoy is excellent service and predefined outcomes within the stipulated time.

3. Reduced time to market

You can add the resources to get your project finished within the stipulated time frame or even faster than that. You can reduce the time to market by increasing the number of hired remote Asterisk developers. Even if you use Asterisk development services, this is possible by asking the company to make delivery faster.

4. High scalability 

Not just the software, but the whole project execution will be scalable with this model. You can add or remove remote Asterisk developers depending on your project needs. 

5. Increased ROI

Lower cost and shorter time to market will start generating revenue early for your business. It will help in boosting returns over investment (ROI). 

Which is a better option: Hiring a developer or outsourcing the development project? 

Benefits of the remote working model

As now you understand the benefits of the remote working model, let’s explore which one is a better model. 

The better option between the development and hiring model can be defined based on some major driving factors as defined hereunder.

1. Scope of project

If you already know the features that you want to develop, then outsourcing the development project to one of the best VoIP development companies is an excellent option. However, if the roadmap and features will be defined in the future and at the moment, it is not fixed then it is better to hire an Asterisk developer.  

If you are going to develop already established telephony products like an IP PBX solution, DID number management solution, live call monitoring solution, class 5 Softswitch software, voice broadcasting solution, then the Asterisk custom software development would be an excellent option. But, if you are interested in building an innovative product, then hiring an Asterisk developer would be a recommended option. 

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2. Timeline of project

The timeline of the product also defines which option is better. If you have enough time to wait for getting the product developed as per the available resources in an Asterisk software development company, then the fixed cost model is recommended. However, if you are running out of time or if you have a very short deadline for any reason, then hiring developers that can work in a team would be the more recommended option. 

3. Versatility of project

If your product only needs an Asterisk programmer for hire, then to your surprise the Asterisk company can do a better job by taking it for a fixed cost. However, if you would need a developer, support engineers, an architectural designer, and similar types of diverse resources, then hiring a team would give you the better option.  

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, both hiring an Asterisk developer and outsourcing VoIP software development in Asterisk to an Asterisk software development company are excellent options to leverage several advantages. However, depending on the type of project, its feature list, its roadmap, your budget, and multiple other options one model can be better than another model. 

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