The call center industry is flourishing in countries like Africa, India, and even in the USA. The use of the best call center software is common among the big call centers in the states and other countries operating in this industry. But, as we all know, all call centers cannot afford to have the top solution for various reasons. A VICIDial solution with a custom VICIDial theme can be a great option for these call centers and businesses. But, even for the existing VICIDial users, there is an ever confusing question: is it right for my business?

Let’s explore it in this blog post by inspecting different aspects.

What is VICIDial?

It is one of the most popular open source VoIP solutions in the world and one of the most widespread open source call center solutions in the world. This can be the shortest introduction to this platform.

As we all know, the VoIP industry is filled with philanthropists and there are so many amazing open source platforms available in the market. From an open source VoIP billing solution to an open source multi tenant IP PBX solution is available in this industry. Some open source platforms are not that popular and some are giving great competition to the proprietary solutions.

VICIDial is one of the widely accepted and appreciated open source VoIP platforms. It is in use by more than 100 countries across the globe. More than 14,000 people use it to run inbound and outbound campaigns. Since 2003, it has been in this industry and several amazing features are invented over the course of time this software.

Is VICIDial the right choice for your business?

Just because call centers in more than 100 countries use it, it does not become the right choice for your business, right? There are several aspects that you need to consider to answer this question, so let’s explore each of them.

Before that let me tell you, there is no ideal answer as yes or no. Depending on various driving factors, this software can be the right platform for you or not.

Why Vicidial for your business

1. Feature requirement

Whenever you choose any software, the first thing to consider is the features. There are many call centers that run a search for VICIDial custom theme development to customize themes or choose the best skin for their VICIDial system. But, the first thing to check is the list of features this software has and whether those features are enough to meet your business needs.

In general, this call center software has the standard call center features, so if you want to run a basic call center with standard inbound and outbound campaigns, then it is perfect for you. However, if gaining a competitive edge is a necessity for you, then you need to think again. You can still use this software by taking help from a VICIDial development company. Do not get confused between a VICIDial community and a company. The company is the one that offers VICIDial custom development services. This company will help you in developing the missing features for your software along with the custom VICIDial theme.

For example, omnichannel communication has become inevitable in the call center industry. You just cannot ignore investing in the software that supports this. Here comes the company that helps you integrate WhatsApp, social media, chat, and other communication channels with this open source call center software. It means if you need competitive features in your contact center solution, then without the help of an external expert, it cannot be the right choice for you.

2. Technical expertise

The real benefit of an open source platform is for those who hold technical expertise. Without technical expertise, you cannot take complete advantage of an open source platform. The reason is you will not know the right process for setting up and installing the software, making the required configurations, troubleshooting errors, etc. Thus, you will need to keep taking help from a VICIDial development company at each stage. From VICIDial installation services to ongoing support services will be needed from an expert company to make the right use of this software.

In some cases, this can get more expensive than using a proprietary solution. Thus, if you know nothing about the software and you are completely dependent on the providers, then you better take the help of a consultant to choose the right software. It is possible that with lower investment, you get access to a better solution.

3. White label solution

Another vital aspect, which makes VICIDial a right or wrong choice, is the white labeling of the software. The benefit of using an open source VoIP solution, including VICIDial, is that you can use a 100% white label platform without any added cost. This is not possible with a proprietary or third party system. It means by investing in VICIDial custom theme development, you can simply make this system 100% white label. It will match your business brand identity colors, logo, theme, etc.

4. Access to the source code

Many businesses find it safe to have access to the source code of the software. With investment in VICIDial custom development services, they can add the missing features in the software or get an innovative feature developed exclusively for their own call center. This is not possible with a proprietary solution. If you have this vision in mind, then VICIDial is the right choice for your business.

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5. Cost of acquisition

Being an open source VICIDial is free. But, if you don’t have technical knowledge, you may need to pay for VICIDial installation services and other customization. The cost of acquisition may go quite low if you don’t need many customizations. This can make the software more affordable for low budget call centers.

Concluding notes

VICIDial can be the right choice for some call centers and might not be the right choice for some. You need to keep the 5 important points mentioned in this blog post in mind to make the right move.

If you need any professional help with the VICIDial theme or anything related to this software, we can help you with our more than decade old experience with VICIDial. For any further questions, contact us.

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