In any call center, the focus is always on increased performance: The performance of the agents, the performance of the campaign and the overall performance of the business. This is the reason each call center in the world thrives to invest in the skilled people and the most advanced call center solution. The call center solution often plays a vital role in the call centers, whether the call center runs campaigns to generate leads or to increase customer satisfaction. The call center software can achieve this with a wide array of features it offers to the call center. The predictive dialer is one of the most advanced features offered only in the best call center software. The predictive dialer helps in many ways to increase performance of the call centers as well as it bestows many other benefits to the call centers that use it. Let me share the top 3 benefits of the predictive dialer in the call center: 1. Save resources The predictive dialer runs with usage of the predictive technology. It predicts in advance that from the number of dialed calls, how many calls will actually get attended by the customers or prospects. By keeping this number in mind, the predictive dialer dials more calls than it would actually get attended by the customers or prospects. This way, the call center solution will go through the complete database of the leads in an attempt to reach all. At the same time, all those calls which are missed, unanswered, reached to an answering machine, reached to busy tone, reached to the fax machine, etc. will be dropped by the system itself. These calls will not be routed to the agents. This way, the call centers can save manual and system resources from routing unproductive calls. 2. Increase agent productivity The predictive dialer also predicts when an agent will finish currently ongoing call and be ready to attend the next call. Thus, the call center solution with predictive dialer stays always ready with the answered call with a customer or prospect ready to listen to the agent / executive. As soon as the agent finishes his call, the next call gets routed to him. As one can predict, this predictive technology in the call center software assures that all agents are working productively and the performance keeps on increasing for each agent. The agents will not waste time on waiting for the next call to be dialed, ringed and reached the customer or prospect. This helps in increasing the productivity by 20 times in many call centers. 3. Increase efficiency The call center solution with predictive dialer also increases efficiency in predictive ratio, agent performance and reports. This efficiency in the system and resources help in driving call center to the next level of success. The predictive dialers are really helpful as on an average it saves 20 minutes per hour for each agent in the call center which you can see is significant improvement in the performance. We have the best call center software with predictive dialer and many other advanced features. Contact us to know more about it.