Call center businesses need to have a strategy to gain a competitive edge. One of the metrics call center leaders focuses more to achieve set business milestones and competitive edge is the productivity of the agents. The call center leaders always focus on calculating productivity of the agents as well as they look for the possible solutions which can be implemented to increase the same. One of the tools which can be used by the call center leaders is the call center solution. In this article, I will share how you can use the call center software to increase the productivity of agents in your call center.

Implement IVRS

Almost all best call center solutions have the feature, called, IVR aka Interactive Voice Response Solution. The IVR is also known as an auto attendant as it attends each incoming call automatically. Once the call is answered the IVR system plays various menu items and the caller can interact with this IVR menu to take certain actions. The call centers can use this feature of the call center solution in a way that certain actions can be completed by the caller himself. The call would be routed to the agent only when the automated system can’t provide an answer to complete an action. This will save a lot of time of the agents as more than 50% of calls can be resolved automatically. As the calls will not reach to the agent and yet resolve the caller’s query or concern, this will increase the productivity of the agent significantly.

Coach in Real-time

All call center solutions provide the features which let the call center supervisors and managers listen to the ongoing conversations between an agent and the caller. This common feature used in the call center solutions for real time supervision is called “Barge-in”. Furthermore, the best call center solutions provide advanced features for real time supervision, such as, advanced live call monitoring. The advanced live call monitoring provides even more metrics to review the performance of the agents. The supervisors must use these features of the call center software to gauge the quality of the calls and improvement points and based on the findings, they must coach the agents in real time.

Personalize Training

Each call center arranges training sessions for the agents with an aim to enhance their skills which result in increased productivity. The problem is often the training sessions are generalized, and we all know everyone doesn’t have the same weaknesses and issues. The solution is to use features of the call center software such as, reports, call recording, barge-in, live call monitoring, etc. to identify the weaknesses in the agents. Based on the identified issues, the managers can put agents in different groups. The training should be provided based on the weaknesses they have in a group wise manner. This is called personalized training. These are the top 3 ways the call center leaders can apply to increase productivity in their call center agents. If you have any other tips or suggestions to increase productivity of the call center agents, share in the comment section. If you are looking for a reliable call center solution, contact us.