The 2018 is ending so this is the time to make some predictions based on the past year experience and insights gathered from the domain experts. Here, we are going to share the top 5 trends to be expected in 2019 in the call center solution.


1. Browser and Cloud Based Call Center

These two types of call center software had been launched in past years and are pretty much in use. It is going to be adopted by many more small to large scale call centers and customer care houses. The cloud based call center solution makes it easy to manage the data and customer care services cost-effectively. The remote access availability and no software installation requirement of the browser based call center solution makes it more convenient to increase the reach of customer care personnel, which works in favor of all three concerned entities: Customer, Support Executive and Call Center.


2. More Personalized Services

Merely answering the queries of the customers is quite outdated. The new trend is to give the personalized experience to the customers to make him feel valued. This requires the advanced tools integrated in the call center software such as integration with the CRM, advanced disposition recording, etc. Also, all the data of the customer need to be centrally managed so he can get the best response each time he calls in.


3. Augmented Monitoring

Optimizing and managing the workforce is vital. It must be taken care that each agent is talking in a professional and polite way. This will create the high need of the tools integration for measuring the call quality, agent’s performance, skills, etc. Furthermore, the call center software need to implement features, which intelligently distribute the calls to the right agent. The data and performance measurement tools with advanced features will something we all will see in the upcoming year.


4. Multi Channels Support

A single channel of communication is pretty outdated now. People have started using different mediums to raise their queries, concerns and feedback. Thus, the call center solutions need to take a step further to cater their customers on all the mediums. Now, the advanced call center solutions have the communication channels like audio, video, social media, etc. The integration of social channels is the next big thing in the call center solutions to answer the queries raised on social networking sites. Implementing the video channels in the call center software to give more personalized support to the customer is going to be the next big thing. A few organizations have started using this awesome relationship building channel to cater their clients. We may expect the stride in the video channel implementation in call center solution.


5. Hook Up With Mobile

Last but certainly the most important trend to be witnessed. The call center software need to ensure that it leverages the benefits of the abundant features of the mobile. The call center application can be one of the big things to empower the agents and the other resources of the call center. The call center software can also be hooked up with the mobile to sync the data so the call center agents can respond quickly.