Customer experience has become a driving factor in businesses because competition is getting very fierce. Losing a customer can cause a lot of business. Thus, it has become crucial to use the best tools like an inbound call center solution with omnichannel communication support to deliver jaw dropping customer services and improve customer experience. 

Buying the best software to manage incoming calls of customer concerns and questions is not sufficient. The business has to invest time in learning the do’s and don’ts of using that software. 

Do’s of using inbound contact center software:

1. Use the right call routing strategy

Software for call centers incorporates multiple call routing strategies, which is also known as automatic call distribution. It helps in connecting customers to the right agent. Using the right call routing rule, you can improve customer experience and increase productivity.

2. Use call mute and unmute 

In an inbound call center service place, multiple agents sit adjacent to each other and talk to different customers. This causes some sort of background noise and can cause a bad customer experience. Using mute and un-mute buttons can help in improving the customer experience.

3. Measure only customer experience related KPIs

The best cloud based call center solutions show multiple KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the system. It is necessary to not get carried away with multiple KPIs and measure only those that are related to customer experience.

Don’ts of using inbound contact center software:

1. Don’t overuse IVR solution

The smart IVR solutions incorporated into the system by the inbound call center process provider can automate various operations. As it introduces self serving features, many businesses get carried away to use more of these features to save agents’ time. However, it can result in poor customer experience and leave clients frustrated.

2. Don’t use random ACD

As mentioned earlier, the inbound call center solution will have multiple call routing strategies. Each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. Thus, depending on the nature of the customer care campaign, you must use the right automatic call distribution rule. However, many call centers use any ACD, which can result in a high call transfer rate and call hold time. This can degrade the customer experience. 

Concluding notes

Investing resources in improving customer experience is necessary and the best cloud based call center solutions with inbound calling features can help in enhancing results. Having several features provided by the inbound call center process provider is not enough, using these features wisely is necessary.

Using the right software provided by the top inbound call center service provider or solution provider can work in your favor. It can help you reduce service time and still provide the best customer experience. Improved customer experience can result in better returns over investment (ROI). To leverage high ROI, follow the tips given in this article, which are majorly used by the top inbound call center providers

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