In a Call center, multiple aspects define the success and brand image. Thus, it becomes necessary to focus on the customer experience that can deliver exceptional customer experience or increase the number of sales by winning prospects. From hiring an experienced team of agents to buying one of the most feature rich call center solutions, call centers make some huge investments. However, sometimes the most vital yet tiny things get ignored by this type of business and it can affect many aspects of the business. For example, voice quality in a communication business is a crucial element and it is necessary to deliver a crystal clear voice in a business.

If you are still unclear about the necessity of voice quality in a communication business like a call center, let’s delve deeper.

1. Client experience

If a voice is jittery or there is a delay in voice or if there is an issue with voice quality, then it would take forever for a customer to explain his/ her issue to the agent. This adds up to the frustration of a client as he is already facing some concerns and now he has to explain the same situation to the agent repetitively.

Thus, the bad voice quality can directly affect the customer experience related KPIs like NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), etc. The worst effect would be an irritating customer so much with poor voice quality that he leaves negative reviews on digital platforms.

2. Agent experience

A majority of communication businesses and customer experience centers invest in the best call center solutions like omnichannel customer service software because they want to empower agents to deliver a better customer experience. Even if you have the best contact center software with excellent call routing strategies, if your agents face voice quality issues, it is less likely for them to decode what the customer is mentioning in the first attempt. Moreover, it may lead to interrupting clients to understand what they are explaining. Furthermore, agents need to face customers’ anger. All this will directly affect the productivity of agents.

This will negatively impact the major KPIs related to agent productivity, such as FCR (First Call Resolution), average call handling time, etc.

3. Business growth

If both customer experience and agent performances degrade, the call center is likely to face a reduced customer retention rate and a declining graph of ROI. 


In conclusion, the voice quality in a call center is very crucial. It can cause business loss due to poor customer experience. On the other hand, it increases expenses due to reduced agent productivity. In case, your agent attrition ratio increases, the expenses will increase, too.

Thus, it is necessary to focus on all aspects, and voice quality is an important aspect for a call center to grow and succeed. You need to use high bandwidth internet and voice lines. You can also take consultancy from your call center software provider to improve voice quality. 

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