FreeSWITCH has been one of the most preferred development technologies to build custom telephony solutions. It outperforms all other platforms that can be used for developing custom solutions for IP telephony. Moreover, it is more scalable, robust, and secure. The surge in demand for FreeSWITCH Development has given a boost to the consulting business, leading to the creation of tailored software solutions for the IP telephony business.

VoIP based communication solutions have several advantages to offer. Therefore, all scaled businesses are switching operations from traditional telecom solutions to IP telephony solutions. Moreover, these solutions are extremely simple to use and feature-rich, which makes them way more popular.

Upgrade your telecommunication systems with our dedicated FreeSWITCH development services.

FreeSWITCH is more scalable and powerful, which is why businesses prefer using a FreeSWITCH based solution. From FreeSWITCH conferencing to class 5 Softswitch, IP PBX, call center software, and many more solutions are available in the market at competitive rates. Still, the demand for custom telephony solution building is increasing. Certainly, business owners are interested in owning a personalized telephony solution. Moreover, they are interested in keeping control of them. In addition to that, custom FreeSWITCH solution development has several advantages to offer. As a result, more and more businesses are investing in custom telephony systems rather than using a general-purpose system.

Let’s understand all the vital information and insight to help you make a better decision while acquiring your telephony solution.

1. Defining FreeSWITCH Solution Development Services

FreeSWITCH is a complete telephony stack and is available as an open-source platform. A skilled FreeSWITCH developer can use this telephony stack as a core and code further missing features to develop a custom solution. As a result, a telephony solution for business with custom features is developed. Generally, the FreeSWITCH development service is offered by a FreeSWITCH development company or developer. They charge for the service or for resources that you hire for full-time or part-time. Development service can be as professional as you wish to be depending on the associate you partner with. The development service will include every stage, from planning to development, customization, and more.

2. Importance of FreeSWITCH Development

FreeSWITCH Solution

FreeSWITCH is a highly flexible solution that works outstandingly to develop any type of telephony solution. Moreover, it also supports third-party integration with any application, API, or solution. This helps in building all-inclusive and comprehensive platforms that give access to all necessary business applications within a single system. Moreover, the performance and stability are very impressive. As a result, it helps in developing the most advanced and powerful telephony solutions.

FreeSWITCH is popular for its modular architecture. This characteristic adds more flexibility for developers to develop custom telephony solutions. A skilled developer can build multilingual, single tenant or multi tenant, omnichannel or multichannel, small-scaled to enterprise-level platforms. In short, FreeSWITCH is effective in developing any type of telephony solution. From a small feature for a full-fledged telephony solution to a highly effective and dependable communication solution is possible to build using this platform. Therefore, it is the first choice of a majority of businesses and developers to build a custom telephony solution.

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3. Defining FreeSWITCH Consultation Service

Along with FeeSWITCH development service, consulting service from experts is equally popular. Unlike development services, it does not include the development part. However, it includes strategic parts. Consulting service provider company or expert understands the requirement and provides a whole range of assistance, including, but not limited to:

  • Defining the scope of work
  • Designing roadmap
  • Selecting the right FreeSWITCH development company or developer
  • Explaining the development process to developers
  • Providing technical assistance to developers to resolve concerns
  • Designing system architecture
  • Designing failover and load-balancing architecture for the platform
  • Defining recovery options in case of failure
  • And many more

In a nutshell, the consultant is an expert in FreeSWITCH and can work as a guiding light at all stages of development. There are several advantages of hiring a consultant and we are going to discuss them in the next point.

4. Major Advantages of FreeSWITCH Consulting Service

FreeSWITCH Consulting Service

FreeSWITCH is a very popular development platform. Therefore, several companies and developers offer custom development services. A business owner can either hire an in-house team or outsource a development project to a company that offers development services. In any case, it is necessary to have an expert who can keep a watch on the whole process. Moreover, it also makes the process of development efficient. In addition to that, a consultant also develops the path to success by taking the lead in the whole process. In short, there are several advantages of investing in FreeSWITCH consulting and you must consider them:

4.1. Experience Speaks

Firstly, your consultant must have rich experience in FreeSWITCH and different development projects on this platform. Secondly, you must have time to spare for a close inspection of everything happening in your project. That’s it. You are sorted.

An experienced developer will help at all stages of your project. He or she will take the lead to discuss all ifs and buts and guide you to build a sustainable product. Moreover, you can take his help in penetrating the market. An experienced consultant helps in all aspects: from deciding features to launching the product, onboarding your first client, and growing manifold. In short, he or she will sail the ship to predefined milestones.

4.2. A Dedicated and Unbiased Product Manager

You have two options for development service: either you hire a developer or consult a company. In both cases, if you don’t have expertise in FreeSWITCH, you are dependent on a third person. However, a consultant will ensure that developers, whether in-house, freelancers, or working in a company, work productively. Moreover, the consultant will give suggestions to make the process more effective. Additionally, he or she will take regular checks on the progress to ensure achieving all the right deadlines. Furthermore, he or she will always give experience-driven opinions without any biases.

4.3 Maximize Resource Utilization

The consultant will stay on top of all activities. Therefore, he or she will provide recommendations to maximize resource utilization. Moreover, he or she will provide guidance on fund allocation, resource allocation, and other aspects. In short, your consultant will be all over the place to ensure all resources are working at the optimal performance benchmark.

4.4 Increase Value Over Money

All in all, your consultant will work on each and every aspect by keeping you free from channeling your energy into all other important aspects. Furthermore, he will lead the whole process with his immense experience. As a result, you can maximize value over money.

5. Decoding FreeSWITCH Development Process

FreeSWITCH Development Process

Whether you hire a consultant or not for your custom telephony solution project, you must know the process involved in custom FreeSWITCH solution development. This knowledge will help you lead the project and gain the best outcomes. The custom development process includes the following steps:

5.1 Requirement Discussion

Firstly, the developers or business executives will discuss your requirements. This will help them prepare a proposal containing information related to features, deadlines, costs, and more.

5.2 Design

Once requirements are discussed and locked, the next step is designing. It includes architecture design, user interface design, database design, and other aspects. This makes the next step swifter.

5.3 Development and Integration

This is the actual stage of development, in which a FreeSWITCH developer performs all necessary steps to build a custom telephony solution. Certainly, it includes FreeSWITCH installation, software development, database development, and more. Furthermore, the developer will also perform third-party integration to build a holistic solution. Integration can be as easy as a payment gateway integration or a complete CRM integration depending on the requirement.

5.4 Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Once the whole custom telephony solution is developed, the next step is testing it for any bugs and performance issues. This stage will help in removing errors and bugs to deliver a quality-assured product.

5.5 Deployment

The last step of the development process is deployment. The system is hosted on either an on-premises server or a cloud. Certainly, hosting architecture along with failover, load balancing, and recovery support must be defined first before commencing this process.

Concluding Note

FreeSWITCH is a renowned telephony stack with an array of advantages. It is the best platform to develop a scalable, robust, high-performing, and secure telephony solution. Therefore, many companies and businesses prefer using FreeSWITCH for their product development. To build a product you can hire a developer or use development services. You can also hire a consultant to make the whole process more effective and efficient. Follow the complete development cycle from requirement gathering to deployment to ensure the best returns.

We have expertise in FreeSWITCH. Therefore, we provide development and consulting for custom telephony solution development for all products. We can help you build a FreeSWITCH conferencing or any other system. To learn more about our FreeSWITCH consulting and other services, contact us now.